Thursday 2nd April

Good morning and how are you all  today ? Have a chat with your child about the day of the week , date, month and season.

9-9.30 Get up and go with Joe Wicks.

9.30 – 10.30 Tricky words workbook, find the page because or want, date and complete. Fill in missing letters in words, missing words in sentences and write own sentences using because  and want. Draw 4 little pictures to illustrate each sentence then re-read. Look at and read all green tricky words on the sheet in your blue bag. Write all the words out using felt tips.

11-11.20 Click on the link below to listen to the latest David Walliam’s story.

11.20- 12. 00 Writing -Write an imaginative story about The Easter Bunny. Make sure you describe what the Easter Bunny looks like and does and also describe where the Easter Bunny lives. Start by drawing a detailed picture of your bunny and where the bunny lives, then write your story. Sound out words, with support if needed, and remember capital letters at the beginning of a sentence and full stops at the end. Try to use describing words to make your story more interesting.

12-12.30 Read a book from Oxford Owls, if you have signed up, otherwise choose a storybook to read. Practise  ORT keywords from blue bag.

1.15-2.30  Numeracy. Count within 30 forwards and backwards, starting and finishing at different numbers.  Using your home made number cards, ask your child to identify each one – your child can order the numerals first forwards 0-30, then backwards 30-0. Play the missing number game – ask your child to close their eyes and remove a numeral. Can your child tell you which one is missing? Ask your child to skip count in 2s  to 30, pointing to each number as you count. Use the link below to access pictures which your child can  use positional language to travel across.

Challenge Cards Set 2  

I hope you have a great day together. Mrs Grainger