Primary 1 – Friday 3rd April

Good morning everyone, I hope everyone is keeping well. Please have a chat about the weather, day of the week, date, month and season. Have a look out of your window and spot some signs of spring. 9 -9.30 Get up and go with Joe Wicks, Madeleine and Ruby are still going strong with this and it really helps them be motivated for their day of learning.

9.30 -10.15 Write an account of a typical day in Primary 1 at Gullane Primary. Remember capital letters and full stops. Use first, then , next and finally to start your sentences. Draw a picture of all the things you do in a day.10.15 -10.30 Share a story book together and practise your ORT keywords.

11-12 Outdoor learning  Create a picture of your outside space using any media of your choice. Focus on line, colour and form.

12 -12.30 Follow the link below to play a forces game.

I hope you have a great morning of learning together.  Thank you for working so hard with your children, it’s so important to keep the learning going and to keep a strong daily routine. I am going to post some  optional fun challenge ideas for the holidays, as it is sinking in that my own children won’t have their daily work to complete and I am already wondering what we will do for the next  2 weeks. Look after each other,keep making your beds and tidy up your toys after you have finished playing to help around the house. 😆Madeleine made a great job of tidying her bedroom last weekend, only the wardrobe left…..!

Mrs Grainger

One thought on “Primary 1 – Friday 3rd April”

  1. Good morning Mrs Grainger!
    Roan would like to say hello, and that he hopes that you enjoy your Easter break 🙂
    Great idea to have tasks to do over the two weeks- thank you. I had just started to feel the rising panic of a two week stint with no structure at all…. joking of course, as we’ve been so lucky with the weather that we’ve been outside every day.
    We hope that you’re staying safe and keeping well!
    Thank you for all that you do.
    Kind regards

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