P1 Monday 6th April Holiday fun

Some Challenge ideas to have fun with !

If you can get seeds from the supermarket, you can take responsibility for planting and caring for something in your garden. If not you can always weed and care for a particular plant border or vegetable patch.

Make an Easter basket using a template from the internet or design and make your own using junk, decorate it to make it look pretty. The Easter bunny might fill it with something !

Make a fact-file about France, by doing your own research.  Find out what French people eat, draw the French flag, draw and name some famous buildings and land-marks.

Build a den inside or out, I prefer garden dens myself. Your family can help you.

Write a shopping list with help from your Mummy or Daddy.

Using stones, or hard boiled eggs to paint or colour using felt tips, make 1 to represent  each member of your family.

Using the link below have fun learning The  Spring Chicken song. Make up a family dance and use your Mummy or Daddy’s phone to record yourselves.


Take care of your pet for a week, feeding, giving clean water and brushing them. Don’t forget to have fun and play with them too. If you don’t have a pet, look after the house plants, water them and dust off the leaves.

Draw your initials in flags of other countries.

Help make a simple meal or take responsibility for laying the table for a week.

Have a great holiday, I know it’s not what anyone had planned but enjoy it and make the very best of being together as a family unit.

Mrs Grainger