Primary 1 – Tuesday 21st April

Good Morning,  I hope everyone had a lovely Easter break with their families and I hope you all enjoyed the yummy chocolate Easter Eggs. Have a chat with your child about the weather, date, month and season. We have been so lucky with the lovely sunny weather lately.

9- 9.30 Get up and at it with Joe Wicks, Madeleine and Ruby have already cleared all their lego friends from the floor in the living room to be ready !  9.30 – 10  ICT Using a tablet or similar device, open a document and write a story/or a few sentences of something fun that you did in the holidays, insert an appropriate picture.                  10-10.30  RE Talk to your child about any weddings you have been too and show any photos you might have. Follow the link below to find out about christian weddings.

All about christian weddings-powerpoint_ver_1

11-12.15 Numeracy – Call out numbers to 30 in random order and ask your to write them down on a whiteboard or on paper, if your child needs more challenge increase the numbers to 50. Remind your child of the symbols for addition and subtraction and write down some addition and subtraction sums in their jotter to 10 . Make sure your child has counters to hand. Increase the challenge by giving larger numbers if needed. Play a number game with your child or they could play it with a sibling.

1.15-2.45 Jolly Phonics alternative booklet. Practise initial sound cards in blue bag. Show the ee card and explain there are other ways of writing the ee sound – ee, e_e and ea  Write these words for your child to sound out. Bee, feet, keep,sheep, Pete, these, eve, beak, bean, read, seal, tea. Complete worksheet in booklet ee or ea, reading and writing each word. Date and colour the little pictures.  Choose an ORT  owl book to read or choose a storybook to read together.

Have a great day learning together. Mrs Grainger


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  1. Thanks, Mrs Grainger!
    Hope you had a good Easter break with your family too.
    Rex is missing his school, his friends and his teacher 😢

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