Primary 1 – Wednesday 29th April

Good Morning ! How are we all today? Please have a chat about the day, date,month, season and weather.

9-9.30 Get up and at it with Joe Wicks.

9.30-10 Get outside and get creative. Create a fitness circuit, remember we did this for PE. Some ideas for activities could be skipping, jumping, star jumps, step ups, running, weaving in and out of cones. Or you could play a game of football or just run and chase round your garden.

10-10.30  Art  Design an outfit for a Muslim Wedding. You can draw your own or print a worksheet out if you can from below.

Muslim wedding dress worksheets

11-12.30 Words and Sentences workbook, the page with 4 sentences and 4 pictures. The sheep are on the hills is the first sentence. Ask your child to read each sentence to you, they can use their finger under each word, then they can work independently to read each sentence and write it neatly under the correct picture. Write the date and colour in your work. Ask your child to read their work to you when they are finished. Using your initial sound cards ask your child to say the sound and do the action. Follow the link below to read some cvc words from the topmarks website.

Ask your child to find a story book that they would like to read. Share together, discuss what is happening in each picture and encourage your child to read some words using their de-coding skills.

1.15-2.45  Numeracy and Money. Count to 30 forwards and backwards. Call out a number within 30, using your number book, ask your child to write it and then write the next 3 numbers in backwards sequence e.g. 29 28 27 26. Do this with numbers to 50 if your child needs a greater challenge. Money- Sort and identify coins into groups. Use the 1p, 2p and 5p coins to make amounts to 10p. Play in your little shop from yesterday, taking turns to use money when being the shopkeeper and the shopper. Have fun watching Numbertime Money- coin equivalents to 10p

Have a fantastic day learning. Mrs Grainger

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  1. Thanks, Mrs Grainger! Rex likes Google Classroom. He mentioned that he would like to have a video chat/meeting with you. Would it be possible to do this on google classroom?

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