Primary 1- Thursday 30th April

Good Morning and how is everyone today? It is great that so many of you have joined google classroom and tomorrow( Friday) will be the first day that I will post class work there and not the school website. I will concentrate on getting everyone up and running with their tasks but a google meet is  something we can look at doing in the coming weeks.

9-9.30 Get up and go with Joe Wicks. 9.30-10.15 Tricky words workbook. Find the page with could, should and would. Fill in missing letters in words, missing words in sentences using could, should and would. Remember tricky words can’t be sounded out, they have to be learned. Draw  little pictures to illustrate each sentence then re-read. Look at and read all tricky words on the  pink tree sheet from your blue bag. The words are as follows in case you can’t find the sheet- saw, put, could, should, would, right, two, four, goes, does, made, their. Write down the words outside with chalk if you can, if not use coloured pencils to write down the words.

10,15-10.45 Science Which materials do we use- Bbc Bitesize. Follow the link below to learn about  why we use everyday materials.


11-12.15 Writing, developing a setting. Read the story of Foxes in the Snow, the link is below.

In your literacy book, look at your writing from last week about your fox. This week, draw a  detailed picture of where your fox lives. It might live in an underground den or in the woods or in a snowy place. Then write about your setting, describing where it is, what it looks like, what it smells like. who your fox lives with. Remember to use capital letters and full stops and take care to form letters properly.


1.15- 2.45 Numeracy and money. Call out numbers randomly within 30 or go higher if your child needs the challenge, ask your child to add 1 or 2 and ask them to take away 1 or 2 from given numbers. Identify all coins and order smallest to highest. Ask your child to make equivalents up to 10p e.g. 4p= 2p,1p,1p or 2p2p or 1p,1p,1p,1p. Complete worksheet below either by printing or draw in your numeracy books.

Money How Much 1ps Money How Much YR

Spend some time playing in your shop.

Have a great day ! Mrs Grainger