Our Staff

Head Teacher                         Mrs Seonaid McGillivray

Principal Teacher                  Mrs Maxine Cowie  – P3/4 class teacher

Class Teaching Staff

P1 – Mrs Lindsaye Grainger

P2 – Mrs Downey and Ms Swaney

P3 – Mr Angus McEwan

P3/4 – Mrs Maxine Cowie (PT)

P4 – Mrs Barbara Revell

P5 – Mr Gary Adamson

P6 – Mrs Alison Gordon

P7 – Miss Lynsey Collins

Support for Learning –  Mrs Libby Jones(Part Time)

Class teacher cover

Mrs Anne-Marie McIver (Part time)

Mrs Victoria Simpson (Part Time)


Nursery Staff                       

Mrs Sarah Anderson, Senior Early Years Practitioner

Ms Jenna Dann

Ms Karen Maloney (Job Share)

Ms Linda Ross (Job Share)

Mrs Arran Waldman (part/time)


Visiting Specialists               

Music – Ms Sophie Askew

Physical Education – Miss Eilidh Gordon

Art – Mr Alan Connell

Brass Instructor – Mr David Robb

Chanter Instructor – Mr David Barnes


Business Support Administrator   Mrs Lynsey Bryson

Senior Business Support Assistant    Mrs Janet Ross

Classroom Assistant      Mrs Belinda Elderfield, Mrs Susan McHardy

Special Needs Auxiliary             Mrs Morag Black, Mrs Kim Gillies,        Mrs Susan McHardy                                                          

Dining Room Supervisor            Vacancy

Playground Supervisor                Vacancy

Janitor                                Mr George Blake      Mr Leszek Borzyszkowski

Cleaning Staff                       Mrs Laura Gatier-Hay (supervisor),

Mrs Heather Brown,  Mrs Alexandra Cuthill

Kitchen Staff                         Mrs Denise Forrester (Kitchen Supervisor)

Mrs Alexandra Cuthill, Mrs Laura Gatier-Hay, Mrs Shari Sibbald

School Crossing Patrol                Mr Stuart Gillies

Note: Staffing is subject to change and personnel may vary from year to year.

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