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Egg-citing Easter Raffle

The PTA is delighted to announce the launch of an Egg-citing Easter Raffle.

We have some incredible prizes to win for all the family.

£1 a ticket and the more you buy, the greater your chance and all you have to do is donate to our Just Giving Page:

Winners picked at random on 8th April.

Unfortunately tickets cannot be allocated to anonymous donors, so please make named donations only!

You have to be in it to win it!!!

Love, Your PTA

Using G-Suite and Google Classroom At Home

If your child has been told by their teacher that they can log on to Google Classroom and the G-Suite Apps at home, you may find these instructions useful if they need some support –

Accessing Google Classroom


You can use 

A Tablet – iPad, Kindle, Chrome Tablet, Kindle
A computer – laptop or desktop
A Chromebook
A Smartphone – with apps that can go on the internet
An XBox or Playstation via the Browser (see here)


Use Apps for your Smartphone or Tablet
Go to Google Playstore or the Apple Store to get them for free.

You need to get an app for every Google Application like Google Classroom, Google Docs.

If you have been told just to log in to Google Classroom just now you would download that app.

You log in with your own Google/Edubuzz username and password.   (Remember

Using a Desktop or a Laptop

Open the browser (application) you use to go on the Internet.  (Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome).
Go to
Click on sign in
Type in your username (remember the
Type your password.
Find the Google Classroom App from the 9 dots/app picker/Waffle.

Or you can go to Google and type in Google classroom.

Using a Chromebook

If you have your own Chromebook, remember that you type in your SCHOOL details to log in at home to your account  (including

You do not log in with another account your parents may have created for you, as you will be unable to use your School Apps or Classroom.


Go in Google Classroom  or Google Docs anytime you want.  You can look at Slides and Sheets
Make your own docs anytime you want and share them with your teacher.
Share any news or add to any of the teacher’s posts anytime you want.
Ask the computer or device to remember your log if it is your own device with a password or face or fingerprint ID
Type @edubuzz with your username
Use Google Classroom sensibly.   Don’t fill it with things like ‘Are you there?’


Tell someone your password
Use an app that you have not been shown at school
Say things you shouldn’t or use rude emojis or post about things that are inappropriate.
Ask the device to remember your password if your share the device and do not have your own log in for it
Use email until you have been taught or are doing it with your parent.
Log in and pretend to be someone else.
Open anything you are sent from someone you don’t know.

If your password is NOT working at home AND school, I can reset it  for you.   If it is working at school and not at home, follow these instructions carefully.

I hope this helps with any issues your child may have logging in.

Mr McEwan

PS To find out how to join Google Classroom go here.