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Sports Day


It was very well organised and it was a lot of fun and ran smoothly.

Everyone took part in a number of activities and some of them were the obstacle course and sack race.

They competed in their houses in their class and in the middle we got oranges.

The P7s  explained everything very well and kept the scores for us.

The nursery had their Sports Day before ours.

The winners were Luffness  who won by 2 point.

The office ladies and classroom assistants organised a popular baking stall which raised £350.35 for the Brain Tumour Charity.

Well done to everyone who took part and organised this successful day.

By Ben & Scott


2k in the Marathon – by Lucy

A couple of weekends ago Megan, Ellis, Beatrix, Freya, Anna and Alistair did the 2k of the Edinburgh Marathon. They did really well and some of them did it for the SNAC charity.

SNAC means Scottish Network for Athritis in children.  Megan did it as a personal challenge,

They all enjoyed it and they brought in their medals and the numbers they wore in the race.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post.

By Sports bloggers Lucy, Scott and Ben

Here is a picture:




P1/2 Gullane Art – By Flynn & Duncan

On Wednesday this week P1/2 had an art lesson. They were making a picture of Gullane, so the first group made the beach,  another group  made cars and houses and the last group made the sea.

The first  group made the beach out of yellow paper, sand and shells. The group that made the beach also drew pictures of sandcastles, beach balls and people sunbathing. Luke said he enjoyed drawing the beach.

The second group were drawing houses and cars. Victoria drew a pink house and  a pink car. The other people in the group drew lots of different things.  Milo said he enjoyed drawing houses and cars.

The last group drew the sea, and they drew fish, waves, sharks, seaweed, jellyfish and whirlpools.

Tristan said it was really fun. Cole said we are learning about Gullane.

Report & Photos By Duncan and Flynn
Slideshow By Alfie



Our Brains

We have been learning all about the different things that go on in the left and right side of our brains. In art, Mr Connell has been teaching us how to draw some of the things that go on inside our brains. We are pleased with our finished drawings and hope you like them too.

Brains Brains2

P1’s Dinosaur Eggs By Megan F

P1 have been painting dinosaur eggs. They have been using paper mache to sculpt the shape of the eggs. Then they have been  painting them different colours such as black, grey, yellow and brown.

Here are some comments:

“I really like painting eggs. “

“I am good at painting eggs.”

“I like painting eggs because I get messy!”

They have loved painting their dinosaur eggs and are loving their dinosaur topic.

Reporter: Megan F

Photographers: Ellis M and Freya L

DSC01569 (1)



P5/6/7 Hockey tournament

On Thursday some children went to a hockey tournament at Peffermill, Edinburgh.  At this tournament there were 7  teams playing. In the Gullane team there was nine people, Archie, Ava, Jack, Emily, Alastair, Megan, Aran, Ellie and Connell. Gullane came second and Archie, Alistair, Ava, Megan and Jack scored.  They played a couple of teams but there main game was against Dunbar. Over all they came second.  They all played well and had a great time.

By Lucy, Ben and Scott  sports reporters

Here is a picture of the team :