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P7 Highlights

We interviewed Primary 7 and we have found out their highlights of the year.

The Leavers Project

The leavers project  was done in 3 days! They said it was fun singing and dancing to 2 songs.


Camp is supposed to be one of the main   highlights of Primary 7. You go with 3 schools Athlestanford, Dirleton and Aberlady.

All the Primary 7 s go to Dounans, where they enjoy activities from Mon – Fri.

The activities each group takes part in are: Raft Building,Problem Solving, Gorge Walk , Tree Climb, Crate Climb,Archery,Hill Climb , Canoeing and on one night a disco.   The P7s said they had a great time.

Bake Sale

Organising the Bake Sales is  part of a House Captain’s  role throughout Primary 7.  Altogether they raised a total of £700!  At the beginning of the day you have to count how many cakes there are altogether then work out how much each cake would cost.

All the House Captians  hope that everyone enjoyed them.

The money raised went to Shelterbox.


The aim of transitions is to make sure all the Primary 7 s are ready for High School .

Transition starts off with a Ceilidh at North Berwick High School in November. All the boys had to wear kilts and all the girls had to wear dresses.

In February they had an enterprise day when they were put into random groups with other Primary 7s in the cluster.

They also had other transitions near the end of term.

The P7s have had a great year and we wish them all the best for High School.

Interviewers and Reporters – Amy C, Calum M & Alfie A