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Police Safety Message

Message from Chief Constable Phil Gormley QPM

Police Scotland is saddened by the tragic events in London on Wednesday 22 March 2017.

Our thoughts are with the victims, their families and their communities.

Whilst there is no specific intelligence to suggest such an incident will occur in Scotland, the UK threat level remains at Severe, therefore we must remain alert but not alarmed. You may notice increased police patrols. Such patrols are there for reassurance and community engagement.

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Pantomime in School

We have booked a professional company for a performance of Robinson Crusoe on Monday 19th December. This will be in the morning and includes our nursery am class as well as P1-7.

Mrs Mancey will send a text early December when the money is due which will prompt payment. It will be £3.00 per child. Very reasonable for a professional show.

Christmas Concerts 7th and 8th December 2016

We changed the way in which we sell our tickets and a gold star to all our families for getting the orders in on time! Mrs Mancey and Mrs Cameron had to ‘jog’ a few memories but overall a great success. Some families requested additional tickets but I am afraid to say we are sold out for both evenings. There are still tickets available for the matinee and you are still welcome to come to the dress rehearsal on Friday 2nd December. (9.15/30)

The P1&2 children perform first then we have a wee break. If we don’t change the early years’ children right away they seem to manage to pick every bit of tinsel and trim from their costumes! Not a pretty sight! Toilet stop also essential!

The P3&4 classes will then perform followed by the P5-7 classes. The morning does not run on a strict schedule but we endeavour to stick to approximate times so we can see how things go.

On the actual nights, the doors open at 6.15 and children can come at that time to be dressed and such like. The hamper draws will take place before the concert starts at 6.45pm.

The class teachers will or will have already sent out a short note regarding any requests for additional costume parts- we hope this is not onerous.

They will also highlight pick up times and pick up points for the children as necessary. I have covered some information later in this section.

The matinee will start at 2pm sharp and the doors open at 1.45pm.

P5&6 will need black trousers/skirts with black footwear – gym shoes are fine. We supply the tee shirts. P5-7 children will not be picked up until the end of the concert which will be 9pm on Wednesday and possibly 8.15/8.30pm on Thursday.

Please do not be late folks. The staff need their beauty sleep!

All children will come in via the front door of the school and go to their classrooms.

P1&2 children may be collected from their class areas via the rear door from about 7.30pm. If you are staying for the whole concert it may be useful to team up with another parent to pick up? It is nice for the rest of the school to have a full audience for their first performances. We can’t allow you to bring your early years’ child back into the hall after you collect them. The children see all of the performances prior to the actual concert nights.

I feel it important to mention the wonderful support staff here in Gullane. There has been a whirr of sewing machines, the hiss of a steam iron and a good deal of needle and thread used as the last few weeks have gone by. Managing mainly from what is in the store room, they have costumed almost all of our 220 children with minimal expense! An amazing feat! A special mention to Mrs Cameron, Mrs Elderfield and Mrs McHardy. I have no idea how they do it but they do.

Mrs Cowie’s amazing artistic talents are also in play and she has created the stage set for the upper school. It is wonderful!

A thank you also to Mrs Mancey who finds a few post-its stuck to her desk of a morning asking for a weird and wonderful array of unusual items which, bless her, she sources.

The staff are busy coaxing the children to speak their lines and, if you have some time, it would be great if you could help them at home. Being secure in their parts makes for a confident little person.

We allow a more fluid start on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th December- the children must be in class by 10am. All staff will be in their classes so if you are unable to manage this then that is not a problem- just send them in at the normal time.

Mrs Tremmel


As intimated in the December newsletter, Miss Salmon left us for a permanent post in Aberlady Primary. Her role is being ably filled by Mrs. Shona Kerray, who has agreed to stay until we appoint a new member of staff. Mrs. Kerray has been working in Gullane Primary over a long period and knows us well. It is lovely to have her on board.

Miss Salmon’s vacancy means that we are best to appoint a principal teacher first and then, depending on the outcome, a class teacher. The PT appointment determined whether we appointed a new teacher or not. Mrs. McGrane’s resignation meant that the PT post became vacant.

Following the interview process, we are delighted to announce that Mrs. Maxine Cowie is our new Principal Teacher. Congratulations all round. Mrs. Cowie has been a member of the team since August 2005. She has always been dedicated to the life of the school and she is delighted to be appointed. It was a pleasure to have Mrs. Jenni Carter (parent of Nursery and P2 children) on our panel and I appreciated her time and skills in this field. Mrs. Dorothy Hilsley was the other head teacher on the panel and thank you to her for giving up time in her already busy schedule in her own school. Well done Mrs. Cowie!

P5/6 children have been without their teacher, Mrs. Valente, for the past couple of weeks and this will remain the case until after the February break at least. I have been unable to secure any supply of any consistency and Mr. McEwan and I are holding the fort in the main. The planning and structure for the class is in place for us to follow. The children have been just super and cope well with us!

Solar Eclipse

On Friday, many of the classes will be given an opportunity to view the Solar Eclipse.  Some may be out-side with pinhole cameras, others may view it on the Interactive Whiteboard in class.  Even if it is cloudy some of us will be outside to experience the darkening of the day.

As advised in our text today, we will be doing this according to safety advice from East Lothian Council. Children will be taught about the risks of looking at the sun directly and shown how to observe the eclipse safely.

You may wish to talk about sun safety at home too.

Photos For School Calendar

There will be a CLASS, HOUSE and WHOLE SCHOOL Photo taken tomorrow for the school calendar.

Pupils have been asked to:

1.  Come wearing school uniform for the Whole School Photo & Class Photo

2.  Bring their house t-shirt or something else in their house colours to wear for the ‘House Photo.’

Thanks for your support

P.S.  House Colours are:

Craigielaw Red
Kilspindie Green
Lufness Yellow
Muirfield Blue