Ensuring The Right Person is Logged In/Out of G Suite/Google Classroom

If children are sharing a computer with their parents or another sibling and want to do school work with G-Suite/Google Classroom, they sometimes try and submit their work with the wrong account logged in.

This can be frustrating for the child who is unsure what to do when the other person is logged in, or mean that work is handed in under the wrong name.

In this video I suggest a number of solutions –

1) Chromebooks – The person who wishes to use the account must log in from the log in screen.

2) Macs/PCs – Creating a separate user account on the computer makes it less confusing as each person has their own space.

3) Using an Internet Browser on a Shared Computer – You can add various accounts but each person MUST log out when they are finished and check they log in to the correct account.

4) Smart Devices like tablets or smart phones may require you to log out the app you are about to use and ensure the correct person is logged in.

The main thing is to make sure you log out the G-Suite Account/Google Classroom when you have finished on a shared device.

P1 Monday 6th April Holiday fun

Some Challenge ideas to have fun with !

If you can get seeds from the supermarket, you can take responsibility for planting and caring for something in your garden. If not you can always weed and care for a particular plant border or vegetable patch.

Make an Easter basket using a template from the internet or design and make your own using junk, decorate it to make it look pretty. The Easter bunny might fill it with something !

Make a fact-file about France, by doing your own research.  Find out what French people eat, draw the French flag, draw and name some famous buildings and land-marks.

Build a den inside or out, I prefer garden dens myself. Your family can help you.

Write a shopping list with help from your Mummy or Daddy.

Using stones, or hard boiled eggs to paint or colour using felt tips, make 1 to represent  each member of your family.

Using the link below have fun learning The  Spring Chicken song. Make up a family dance and use your Mummy or Daddy’s phone to record yourselves.


Take care of your pet for a week, feeding, giving clean water and brushing them. Don’t forget to have fun and play with them too. If you don’t have a pet, look after the house plants, water them and dust off the leaves.

Draw your initials in flags of other countries.

Help make a simple meal or take responsibility for laying the table for a week.

Have a great holiday, I know it’s not what anyone had planned but enjoy it and make the very best of being together as a family unit.

Mrs Grainger

Primary 1 – Friday 3rd April

Good morning everyone, I hope everyone is keeping well. Please have a chat about the weather, day of the week, date, month and season. Have a look out of your window and spot some signs of spring. 9 -9.30 Get up and go with Joe Wicks, Madeleine and Ruby are still going strong with this and it really helps them be motivated for their day of learning.

9.30 -10.15 Write an account of a typical day in Primary 1 at Gullane Primary. Remember capital letters and full stops. Use first, then , next and finally to start your sentences. Draw a picture of all the things you do in a day.10.15 -10.30 Share a story book together and practise your ORT keywords.

11-12 Outdoor learning  Create a picture of your outside space using any media of your choice. Focus on line, colour and form.

12 -12.30 Follow the link below to play a forces game.


I hope you have a great morning of learning together.  Thank you for working so hard with your children, it’s so important to keep the learning going and to keep a strong daily routine. I am going to post some  optional fun challenge ideas for the holidays, as it is sinking in that my own children won’t have their daily work to complete and I am already wondering what we will do for the next  2 weeks. Look after each other,keep making your beds and tidy up your toys after you have finished playing to help around the house. 😆Madeleine made a great job of tidying her bedroom last weekend, only the wardrobe left…..!

Mrs Grainger

Thursday 2nd April

Good morning and how are you all  today ? Have a chat with your child about the day of the week , date, month and season.

9-9.30 Get up and go with Joe Wicks.

9.30 – 10.30 Tricky words workbook, find the page because or want, date and complete. Fill in missing letters in words, missing words in sentences and write own sentences using because  and want. Draw 4 little pictures to illustrate each sentence then re-read. Look at and read all green tricky words on the sheet in your blue bag. Write all the words out using felt tips.

11-11.20 Click on the link below to listen to the latest David Walliam’s story.


11.20- 12. 00 Writing -Write an imaginative story about The Easter Bunny. Make sure you describe what the Easter Bunny looks like and does and also describe where the Easter Bunny lives. Start by drawing a detailed picture of your bunny and where the bunny lives, then write your story. Sound out words, with support if needed, and remember capital letters at the beginning of a sentence and full stops at the end. Try to use describing words to make your story more interesting.

12-12.30 Read a book from Oxford Owls, if you have signed up, otherwise choose a storybook to read. Practise  ORT keywords from blue bag.

1.15-2.30  Numeracy. Count within 30 forwards and backwards, starting and finishing at different numbers.  Using your home made number cards, ask your child to identify each one – your child can order the numerals first forwards 0-30, then backwards 30-0. Play the missing number game – ask your child to close their eyes and remove a numeral. Can your child tell you which one is missing? Ask your child to skip count in 2s  to 30, pointing to each number as you count. Use the link below to access pictures which your child can  use positional language to travel across.

Challenge Cards Set 2  

I hope you have a great day together. Mrs Grainger

P1 – Wednesday 1st April

Good morning and how is everyone today? Please have a chat about the weather(without asking Alexa !)the date, month and the season. Hopefully there hasn’t been too many April Fool’s jokes played.

9 -9.30 Get up and go with Joe Wicks, this is a great routine to start the day 9.30-10.00 Follow the link below for cosmic kids yoga, the starwars episode. I think you will like it.



10-10.30 Design and make a Happy Easter Card, use your art skills to draw, cut and colour a lovely Easter design. I loved seeing Lukas art work yesterday. Amazing ! Some ideas could be bunnies, chicks, eggs in a basket, spring flowers. Make sure you do your best handwriting inside. It might be nice to post it to an Auntie or Uncle, Granny or Grandad, as we are not able to see family members just now.It would certainly brighten up someone special’s day.

11-12.15 Words and sentences workbook. The page with pictures including apple pie, a pig, rain cloud. Talk about all the pictures with your child then ask them to read the sentences below, ask them to point to each word as they read. Cut and stick each sentence beside the correct picture. Colour in and date the page. Next get your initial sound cards from the blue reading bag and ask your child each one. Ask your child to find a story book, they would like to read. Share together, discuss what is happening in each picture and encourage your child to read some words using all their de-coding skills.

1.15-2.30 Numeracy- Count to 30, forwards and backwards.Order your number cards 0-30.  Give your child some take away sums they can solve using their number line to count backwards. Complete the subtraction worksheet pg 59, drawing the hops backwards on the number line and writing the subtraction sum. Use the link below to access pictures which your child can discuss what is happening in each using the positional language given.

Challenge Cards Set 1

Have a happy day learning, everyone is doing so well, I am missing you all and I know you will all be missing school. Remember to keep making your bed and putting your dirty washing away.  Mrs Grainger







P1 Tuesday 31st March

Good Afternoon Everyone.

This is a weekly  Health and Well-being task, I hope everyone enjoys it and at the end of this item are some ideas for maths resources. Mrs Grainger

Have you wondered why we have to wash our hands so much?
Have you wondered where soap comes from?
I would like you to watch this episode of Come Outside. It’s all about Soap.
Remember, this is only a story and Aunt Mabel and Pippin don’t have to stay indoors like we do.
  • Draw a picture of the Soap factory. Remember to include the giant pots, the pipes and the fans that make the noodles. If you can’t view the video, you could draw a picture of Pippin the dog, or another animal, having a bath?
  • Then try to finish these sentences.

      We have to wash our hands because …

      When I have a bath I … 

Remember to keep washing your hands and looking after one another.

Oxford Owl is good for online maths resources, there is a link below. It has some print out worksheets and online activities. Another good resource is Topmarks

P1 – Tuesday 31st March

Good Morning. How is everyone today? Please have a chat with your child about the weather, day of the week, date, month and season.

9-9.30 Get up and at it with Joe Wicks .

9.30-10.30  Re-cap on the Story of Easter from last week and, using a tablet or similar device, open a document and write 2 or 3 sentences about Easter and insert a picture. Follow link below to listen to the story of Daisy and the Egg by Jane Simmons.


11-12.15 Numeracy- Using the number cards you made yesterday, mix them up and ask what each number is, then your child can order them from 0-30.  Verbally give your child some take away sums and they can use the number-line to count backwards, Ask your child to to point to the starting number and point to each number as they count backwards. Complete the counting back worksheet p58 (we will do the other side p59 tomorrow). Use the number -line at the top of the page to count back, Once complete, with numerals the correct way round, you can give your child more of a challenge with bigger numbers and they will have their own number line to count back with. If it is a nice day, your child can make their own number lines outside using chalk, starting with any number they would like.

1.15-2.30 Handwriting – As last week, the focus is on writing capital letters, remind your child the capital letter name and the lower case sound, 1 line for each letter and word, pay attention to letter size and formation when writing each word. N O P Q R S. November, October, Prestonpans, Rory, Sarah. Practise ORT keywords in blue bag –  choose 4 and write a sentence for each one , draw a little illustration for each one also. Follow the link below to create an account with ORT owls ebooks, if you haven’t already done so and choose an ORT owl book to read. It is a really fantastic website. Have fun reading . Mrs Grainger



Primary 1 – Monday 30th March

Good morning and how is everyone today ? Have a chat with your child about the weather, date, month and season.

9-9,30 Get up and at it with Joe Wicks. 9.30-10  Follow the link below to take part in The Wizard of Oz yoga.


10-10.30  Science Investigate how the distance travelled by a toy car is affected by the gradient of the slope and the surface of a ramp. Resources needed- a toy car, a ramp ( piece of wood or stiff cardboard), piece of carpet or material, chalk.Record the distance travelled using chalk by the car for 3 different gradients. What do you notice ? Keep the gradient constant this time but record the distance travelled using a smooth and a rough surface. What do you notice ?

11-12.15 Numeracy – Write some addition and subtraction sums into your child’s jotter to 10 and if your child needs more of a challenge to 20. Make sure  your child has access to counters. Make number cards 0 to 30, use bubble writing and felt tips to colour in. Order the numerals first forwards(0-30) and then backwards (30-0). Missing number game-ask your child to close their eyes and remove a numeral. Can your child tell you the one that is missing ?

1.15-2.45 Jolly Phonics alternatives booklet.  Practise  initial sound cards in blue bag. Show the ai card and explain there are other ways of writing the ai sound – ay and a-e. Write these words for your child to read – faint, play, made, paint, Sunday, cave, again, holiday, pancake, complain, crayons and lemonade. Complete worksheet in booklet reading and writing each word. Date and colour the little pictures. Follow link below to watch and listen to The Station Mouse which is read by the author.


This story was one from the Bookbug bag gifted by The Scottish Book Trust earlier in the year. Your child can find their own copy of the story, make their own mouse ears and then re-tell the story to you using the pictures.  Madeleine enjoyed this story as a mouse is her favourite animal.

P1 – Friday 27th March

Good Morning, how is everyone today?

9-9.30 Get up and at it with Joe Wicks ! This is a great way to get motivated in the morning. 9.30-10.30 Tricky words workbook, find the page  other or were, date and complete.  Fill in missing letters in words, missing words in sentences and write own sentences using other and were. Draw 4 little pictures to illustrate each sentence and re-read . Look at and read all  green tricky words on the sheet that should be in your blue bag (it was given out a  while ago, and don’t worry if you can’t find it)

11-11.20 Click on the link below to listen to the latest David Walliams story !


11.20-12.20  Using junk, build a toy that uses a force, e.g a puppet that pushes up. a mini football pitch that has a ball to kick with finger, or a toy that pulls with a string.

I hope everyone made their bed this morning and put their dirty clothes in the washing basket. Ruby and Madeleine are going to be busy this weekend tidying their rooms  –  – just in case anyone needs ideas to keep them busy at the weekend ! Thanks so much for all your support this week and for your helpful comments.                Mrs Grainger

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