We visited the art club to see what they were up to.

When we were there they were making Under the Sea Art. We were there on the 6th of March. They were painting and cutting for their Under the Sea Art.

Some of the questions we asked were

  1. Do you like this club?Yes – said Jess
    Yes – said Cara
    Yes- said Harriet
  2. Why did you choose this club or was it you last choice?Because I like Art-said Emily
    Because I like Art-said Eilidh
    Because I like Art-said Anna
  3. What do you do in this club and what have you made?A clay haggis- said Mr Hill
    Animal sunset- said Ella
    Owls- said Elle
  4. Whats your favourite thing about this club?It is fun-said Rory
    That you get to make what you want -Brian
    Doing Art-said Masie
  5. What tools have you used to create your art?stencils, clay and charcoal

    The work they did was amazing!

Reporters – Callum and Sandy

Photographers – Ivy,Ollie and Rachel


Super Story Stones

We went to Story stones to report and see what they were up to. The club was run by Mrs Cooper in the P1 classroom.

“My favourite part was painting the stones,” said Blair.

“I picked Story stones because I like painting,”  said Emma.

“I enjoyed being in Story Stones because it was fun and creative,” said Jude.

Everyone seemed to be having fun!

Reported by Lucy,Grace and Fred.

Photographers – Max and Ollie

Natural Nature

We visited Nature Club last week to see what they were up to…..

Here are some of the things they said.

  • ‘My favourite thing about this everything but not the spiders and worms’ said Elliot.
  • ‘My favourite thing about this club is having fun outside’ said Ailsa.
  • ‘I am enjoying this club’said Amber.
  • ‘I like this club because we go outside ‘ said max .
  • ‘We sometimes use things we find outside’ said Kyle.
  • ‘we find stuff at Nature club’said Kayleigh.

When we were at the Nature club they were making  bug traps out of digging and  old yogurt cups  and they caught some extrodinary bugs it looked liked they were having fun!

By Jess , Jamie and Lilly (newshounds reporters) and Fletcher,Lilly and Liam (photographers)

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Creative Cooking

We went to the cooking club and asked questions about what they were up to.

In cooking with Mrs Elderfield they have made: bonfire parkin, rocky road, halloween cupcakes, pizza, pasta, and chocolate log!

These are the comments:

Ellen said ” My favourite thing to make was the rocky road.”

Emma said ” I would love to come back to this club again.”

Annie said ” I like eating all the lovely stuff we’ve made.”

Grace said “This is by far the best club!”

It looked a lot of fun and the food looked delicious!!

By Emily T & Jessica M
Photographers – Simra N & Sophie S


Crafty Community

Our reporting team  went to the Community Club to interview them. The club was organised by Miss Shepherd and we asked a few questions to see if they could answer them. We went to the day-centre. We saw them play musical bingo and we asked them stuff like:

Did they enjoy themself and would you want to stay longer if they could?

They said they had really enjoyed the club and would be annoyed when the  club finished.

We enjoyed interviewing the members of the Community Club.

By a Newshound Reporter
Photographers – M’kyah C & Bastian G

Simple Science

The Newshounds went to the science club to report about what they were up to.

When we went there they were making the ink in the pen run together with Mrs MacIver. I had a shot of it and it was really fun. Lots of people said mine was really good.

One person said that they looked like a planet. We asked them if they did any other experiments and they said yes so we asked them what other ones they made. They made some slime and a lava lamps and some other stuff that they enjoyed!

Everybody seemed to really enjoy it. I might do the science club next.

Daniel L  & Johnnie HC
Photographers – Sam S and Charlie S


Outdoor Learning

We went to report on the outdoor learning club.

We saw them do team work exercises with their teacher Mr Adamson.

We interviewed Finlay L, Reece M,ilsa, Eligh, Milo F. They told us they were having snacks this week.  They played a game of scramble and a scavenger hunt on the first week.

They said they enjoyed outdoor learning a lot and they recommended it.

We joined in  the  Bomb Disposal game they played and thought it was fun.

Reporters – Craig M N & Rory K
Photographers – Theo B & Tom M

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