As part of work on our School Improvement Plan, we have recently launched our Building Resilience programme. The Building Resilience resource, which is based upon research of effective practice, has been designed to complement and support the development of a whole-school mental health and emotional wellbeing programme. Deliveryof the programme provides a focus for learning and teaching for pupils from nursery to P7. A key element of the programme is the development of partnerships with families and the wider school community.

In order to help pupils grasp the tricky concept of resilience, life is referred to as being like a river. As we travel down the river of life, sometimes we find ourselves in calm waters where the journey is relaxed and enjoyable. However, sometimes we can find ourselves in turbulent waters, full of obstacles and difficulties, and the journey becomes about survival and keeping our heads above water.

Throughout the resource, pupils will become familiar with our character called Skipper. Skipper is the captain of his boat and, like everyone on the river, goes through various ups and downs on his journey. On his way, he will introduce the children to ten different tools and resources that help us to navigate the river of life and support the development of resilience.

The Building Resilience programme is made up of twelve units. The units focus on Skipper’s ten different tools and resources. Each unit has three key messages which are delivered through assemblies, using short stories and film clips to illustrate learning.

This session, we  will be looking at four units, and their associated key messages:

  • Be Resilient
  • Keep Connected
  • Respect Yourself
  • Challenge Your Mindset

At the start of each unit, we will email parent/carers a copy of the information sheet for that topic and the associated home activities sheet.

If you wish to find out more about the programme please take a look at the following video clip:

Our web site to let you learn with us.