P4 Run for the Rainforest Event

P4 ran their socks off today to raise money for the Rainforest Foundation UK. They ran for 30 minutes while their fabulous P6 mascots collected in all the donations. They raised more than £200 and put in so much hard work and effort to do so.

Thanks you all so much to those who supported us today. This means a lot to us and is very much appreciated.

P4, I am very very proud of you! Well Done!

Miss Swaney


P4 Music With O-Duo – By 5/6 Reporters

Preparing for the School Show.

A while ago P4 were being taught by O – Duo ( two drummers )  and they worked on making different sounds to different  beats  to make a show for the school .

They learned different patterns and  were given signals to do different things with the drums . They had words to go with the rhythm and to keep in time. The teachers and pupils who saw the performance really enjoyed it.

Brunton Hall

When they went to the Brunton Hall they all enjoyed themselves . Harriot enjoyed beating the drums . Kirstin enjoyed playing =the calves . Liam enjoyed playing the cow bells. Rory enjoyed playing the shakers .  Millie thought it was fun and enjoyable.  Jessica liked playing the drums with her friends.

Everyone said it was very loud and noisy but very fun.

They were with other schools from East lothian at the Brunton Hall.

Written by Simra and Angus
Photos by Oli and Angus


P1’s Castle Community

P1 have been learning about castles and they have been very busy.  Here are some comments from the children ,

” I am enjoying it “.

” I am finding it interesting “.

” I like building castles and playing with the figures”.

In the classroom they have been drawing and painting castles in different groups.

” I really enjoyed painting castles “.

” I like learning and playing castles”.

They have been playing with knight action figures and the boys were really  loving it.

Everyone is very pleased with their paintings and cant wait to find out more.

Reported by Megan, P5
P1 Blogger
Photographers – Freya & Ellis