Glamourous Glee!

The second last week of our club we went to the Glee club run by Mrs Thompson and Mrs Gordon. We interviewed and took some photos of the club. 

When we went they were dancing to Christmas music and were singing the song 'All I want for Christmas is you." we asked some people what they thought of the club. We asked them what they thought about it, why they chose the club, what was their favourite song and dance they have done and are the teachers good singers and dancers.

They said that the teachers were good singers and dancers and they chose the club because they liked to sing and dance and they all liked copy the dances they were shown.

When we visited we thought Glee looked a lot of fun and everyone seemed to be enjoying it.
Reporters - Hannah M & Leah V d W
Photographers - Aimee-Mae S & Amilie J

P2/3 Easter Timeline & Other Activities – by Tommy T, Ruby F and Abbie H (P2/3 Reporting Team)

At Easter P2/3 were doing an Easter timeline and we went down to report on it. They were put into groups and set to do a task of putting the story together. It was all about Jesus and what he told people.

M’kyah said he is working hard and likes to help his team!

They were also making paper. Harris told us how they made it and he said that they recycled old paper and turned it into new. It was very clever! It was called reduce,reuse and recycle.`

Mrs Jones also showed us some of their models made out of plastic. Harris and Effie made a castle! It was very life like!

Reporters – Tommy & Ruby
Photos – Abbie H

P6s Go Back In Time At Hoptoun House – By P6 Reporting Team

P6s went to Hopetoun house to learn about the Victorians

At Hopetoun house, they were being servants, they wrote with quills and they made butter.

They ironed clothes with an old iron, they polished shoes and all of them wore hats. Boys wore top hats and jackets and the girls wore aprons and bonnets.  If you got something wrong they blamed it on the scullery maid or the butler!

They said it was old and big.  Sara’s favourite part was seeing the big bedroom.  Ellen’s favourite part was making butter. Cameron said it was nice.

If you look at the photos you will see they had a lot of fun!

By Emily H, Freya E & Reece M

P6 Bodysystems Workshop & P5/6 Posters- By Emma and Isla Photos by Jack

When we were doing about the body our class made some posters about body systems. We all got into five groups and made posters about a part of the body of our choice. The subjects chosen were the tongue, the heart, the brain and the nervous system.

Here are a few facts from them-

  • The average length of the human tongue from the back to the tip is 10 cm (4 inches).
  • A nerve is a fibre that send impulses through the body.
  • 100,000 miles of blood vessels are in your brain.
  • Did you know your heart beats about 80 times a minute?
  • The tongue is a muscular structure attached to the floor of the mouth.
  • Nerve cells work by a mixture of chemical and of electrical action .
  • Your brain is split up into two sides, the creative side and the logical side.
  • The heart is made up of 4 chambers , the left atrium, the left ventrical, the right ventrical and the right atrium.

We made five posters and we had lots of fun making them.

One afternoon all the P6s got together for a Science workshop on Body systems.  At the  workshop we learnt lots more about the human body like things about bones and veins.

In the workshop we pretended that we were in a doctors surgery and this boy called Timothy kept on getting hurt.  It was really funny and he would come in with things like  broken bones and muddled organs and we learnt what doctors would do to help them.  At one point we learned how big the large intestine was and  we held a fake large intestine and put a carrot in and wrigged it to the end.

It was a fun way to learn!

Thank you for reading our blogpost.

Euroquiz-Scottish Parliament – The Scottish European Educational Trust: A resounding well done to our P6 Entrants

Primary 6 pupils across Scotland are invited to enter the regional heats to win a coveted place at the Euroquiz Finals. There were a total of 420 schools in 32 local authorities across Scotland who took part. The regional winners were invited to the Scottish Parliament for the final and… Gullane Primary were there! The regional heats were very exciting with a nail biting final tie break round between us and Loretto School. The final started with Christine Graham, MSP, as quizmaster. The questions are really challenging and the children have to know their onions (not necessarily French!).

The whole event was streamed live from the Scottish parliament and many of our classes watched the event. The two schools with the highest scores went into the final round. Sadly, Gullane wasn’t one of them but we all thought how well they had conducted themselves in such a pressured environment. We relaxed and felt very proud of them all. Then the score table came up and Gullane Primary were in third place with an excellent score- not far behind the top two teams. We watched with pride as they were presented with their certificates and their medals.

Well done to Sam, Freya, Christian and Jude – our P6 team!

My thanks to their parents for supporting their studies and coaching them and my huge thanks to Mrs. Jones for transporting them, supervising them and generally taking care of this group for the whole day. She was also a ‘marker’ for another team so the pressure was on her too! Thank you so much.