p1/2 Learning About Bodies -By Alfie, Duncan and Flynn

A few weeks ago our Team went down to p1/2 and they were learning about their body parts and how their body works.

They were doing different activities in groups.  One activity  was about their eye colour, another was making carrot soup and the other group was taking about their body parts.

In one group they were investigating how many people had what colour of eyes.

Blue was the most popular and the other colours were brown, grey and  green.  

 When they were making soup Remy and Roan tried to snap a carrot instead of chopping it!

In P1/2 they try to eat 5 fruits a day and every day they run around the play ground twice  to try and be healthy.

Remy said he likes to run around the play ground twice.

Report by Alfie & Photographers Duncan and Flynn
P5 Reporters for P1/2