Wednesday World of Work Clubs

Read on to find out what skills for life and work the children have been developing. The reports are written by our Newshounds.


Last week we went to the Glee Club run by Mrs Thompson and Mrs Gordon. We interviewed and took some photos of the club. This week they were dancing to Christmas music and were singing the song All I want for Christmas is You. we asked some people what they thought of the club. We asked them what they thought about it, why they chose the club, what was their favourite song and dance they have done and are the teachers good singers and dancers. They said that the teachers were good singers and dancers and they chose the club because they like to sing and dance and they all liked to do the dances that you copy the dancing.


The Newshounds went to the science club. When we went there they were making the ink in the pen run together. Mrs McIver. I had a shot of it and it was really fun. Lots of people said mine was really good. One person said that they looked like a planet. We asked them if they did any other experiments and they said yes so we asked them what other ones they made. They made some slime and lava lamps a few more things. Everybody seemed to really enjoy it. I might do the science club next.


We went to the cooking club and asked questions about what they were up to.

In cooking with Mrs Elderfield they have made: bonfire parkin, rocky road, halloween cupcakes, pizza, pasta,and chocolate log!

These are the comments:

Ellen¬† said ” My favourite thing to make was the rocky road.”

Emma said ” I would love to come back to this club again.”

Annie said ” I like eating all the lovely stuff we’ve made.”

Grace said “This is by far the best club!”

By Emily  & Jessica


We went to the Outdoor Learning club. We saw them do team work exercises.The teacher that ran it was Mr Adamson. We interviewed Finlay , Reece , Ailsa, Eilidh and Milo .They told us they were having snacks this week. They played a game of scramble and a scavenger hunt on the first week. They said they enjoyed outdoor learning a lot and they recommend it.

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