HIT THE BUTTON by Toby F + Riley S

On hit the button you go booommm with the mouse and click  the right answer to a maths sum.  What Riley loves about hit the button is “easy well SOMETIMES,” *LAUGHTER*.

What toby loves about hit the button is “its  very simple and helps you practise your tables.

We are doing  hit the button sometimes in class and sometimes at home.

1 4x table

2 4 division

3 5x table

4 5x division

5 2x division

6  2x tables

7 10x division

8  3x table

9 3x division

10  10x table

Rileys favourite table IS 5x TABLE

Tobys favourite table IS 3xTABLE

Tobys score out of a hundred for pressing a button is 93 /100

Rileys score out of a hundered for pressing button is 100/100