Mary Queen of Scots by RUBY L Martha C

Our topic that we just finished is Mary Queen of Scots. We have been investigating Lord Darnley’s death.

We think the person that killed Lord Darnley was Bothwell. We pretended that we were police constables and wrote down what our initial thoughts were.

We did Marys family tree. Marys dad was James V of Scotland and Marys mum was Mary of Lorraine/Mary of Guise. Marys first husband was Francis II of France, her second husband was Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley. Mary and Darnley had a son: James VI of Scotland, James I of England. Her third husband was James Hepburn, fourth Earl of Bothwell.

We did a sheet on Mary’s thoughts. One of the thoughts we did was Mary marries Lord Darnley, this is Ruby’s:

Oh! He is so handsome! I love him! I can’t wait to kiss him! Too bad Elizabeth! I-WILL-MARRY-WHO-I-WANT!!! I might have a baby!

Six Months Later….

I hate him! I want him to die! What an idiot! He is so lazy! He doesn’t even care about me! UUGGHH!

We enjoyed the Topic and learning about her life.