Table Facts Revision

Over the next few weeks,  we are going to be start revising the tables we know and learning the new ones.

You should already be using ‘Hit The Button’ to help you be more confident and accurate with the your number bonds facts.

You can also use the ‘Hit the Button’ site and Tablet App to revise your Multiplication and Division Facts.

Why not focus on the 2x, 5x and 10x facts?   If you feel confident, try your Division Facts with these tables.

Homework & Show Arrangements Week Commencing 5th December

As we will have two late nights with the Concerts this week, there is no written homework to be submitted this week.   No reading will be sent home.

When they have time, pupils could still be encouraged to:

Play any of the online Maths games that have been allocated to their Active Learn account. 2.  Read any of their own books at home for at least 15 mins.

  1. Swimming

    Thanks for all the parents who have volunteered to help with swimming.   I hope to confirm helpers as soon as I can, but cannot until the outstanding forms have come in.  Please send in any swimming forms you still have!

  1. Concert Night Arrangements.

    a) Children have to come straight to their classroom at 6.15 pm both nights.
    b)   If you are not attending the concert you should come in to collect your child via the fire exit at Miss Collins’ Classroom (near the double doors the children usually enter/leave by) after they have performed.

    We estimate they will be ready for 7.45 pm on Wed and 7.30 pm on Thu night.  If you are attending the concert, please come and collect your child from their class as soon after it has finished.

    There will be a register on both nights so I can ‘tick’ that your child has been collected.

Remember children can arrive later on Thursday and Friday morning if it suits you, but must be in class for 10 am.

Thanks for all your help
Mr McEwan

Extra Maths Homework Weeks Commencing 21st & 28th November

In your Active Learn Account, you have been allocated a number of games.   You can play them anytime to help you with your Time, Sequence and Addition and Subtraction Work.

This week I would like you again to try and play the following Individual Practice games to help you with work we are doing in class:

Time Work – Bubble Burst OR Marching Madness

Addition and Subtraction – Bop A Bird

You should start with one dot, then if you manage to complete it move up to 2 dots.

Have fun.

Mr McEwan

P.S. Remember you log in here with your user name and password I gave you, and the School Code in your Homework Notes

P.P.S.  Remember it is better to log in via the class blog with the link in this post or at the side.

If you do search for Active Learn in Google please do not use the link that says ‘staging’ in the web address.