Bottle Potato Harvest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By Martha C and Ruby L!!!!!!

We went into the nursery garden today, and cut open the plastic bottles we had kept in the classroom with scissors. We found in Bottle One: 3 small potatoes, but no big potatoes.

In Bottle Two we found: 7 small potatoes, but no big potatoes AGAIN!!!!

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Swimming by Aimee S & Shiloh C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. After Christmas  we had ten weeks of swimming at North Berwick swimming pool.
  2. There were two groups.
  3. Aimee was in the second & I was in the first group.
  4. What Shiloh & Aimee did.
  5. Week 1 first the teacher tested us to see what we could do
  6. then we learned how to do front crawl.
  7. week 2 we learned how to do breaststroke & practised front crawl.
  8. week 3 we practised both strokes.
  9. week 4 we learned how to do back stroke.
  10. week 5 we practised our 3 Strokes & played water tig !
  11. week 6 we learned the butterfly!!!
  12. week 7 we learned the dolphin!!!
  13. week 8 Shiloh went into the deep end of the pool.
  14. week 9 we practised our strokes.
  15. week 10 we played four games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

We both enjoyed the swimming and feel more confident now

Art at school with Mr C – By Lily & Cara

  • Our favorite thing we have done in art is our name plate (Mr Connel gave us a  piece of paper and we wrote our name in fancy writing and draw our favorite things)
  • Our last art project was Mary Queen of Scots portrait.   We had to choose which one out of  Mary or Lord Darnley.
  • We really like art and are getting better and  better at tone.

P4 outdoor(sometimes indoor) Athletics – By Matthew S & Sandy F

Recently p4 have had outdoor P.E. with Edinburgh University Physical Education students Miss Pate and Mr Ross. We were focusing on running 1st. We had turns on rotated stations. These stations were…

100 M sprint (Timed)

200 M 4 person relay

100 M 2 person relay

25 M heralds

Then after all that we started JUMPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We started learning high jump, triple jump and long jump by jumping over the lines of the dinner hall. But then we started jumping over hurdles but then we started to focus on high jump on to mats and we used the scissor kick technique. And we did the triple jump we had to run at FULL speed towards a skipping rope and hop over it and into a hoop then leap into another hoop and jump as far as we could onto a set of mats.

Someone was holding the set of mats at the bottom so it was safe enough. Then we moved onto LONG JUMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In long jump we ran up as fast as we could and jump on the mat.  There was colored cones at the side of the mat and the cones closest to the end of the mat are better. We  learned to fall forward instead of backwards. Because if you fall backwards you get measured from the back of your hands.


P.E This Week – By Ollie S and Jack H

With Mss Gordon we played chain ball , it was when someone hit the ball and everyone ran at the same time e.g Joshua hit the ball then everyone runs.The amount of people that get  back , that is the amount of points your team gets.

Today we played Runders with Mr McEwan , we had lots of fun and a good time. Jack enjoyed batting and I Ollie enjoyed batting like Jack.