Bottle Potato Harvest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By Martha C and Ruby L!!!!!!

We went into the nursery garden today, and cut open the plastic bottles we had kept in the classroom with scissors. We found in Bottle One: 3 small potatoes, but no big potatoes.

In Bottle Two we found: 7 small potatoes, but no big potatoes AGAIN!!!!

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In super sonic spuds we were excited when the one outside has reached 1 Metre tall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So it all started when  Mr M put us into a challenge. We planted the potatoes but we did not know how to plant them so Mr M  told a farmer. So the famer came to show us how to plant them. Then we took turns to water the potatoes. So that is how this started OH YEAH I FORGOT WE DO A WORK SHEET TO REPORT WHAT WE’VE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What we did was we put three potatoes in bottles to see them grow and put one of them upside down and one outside that is the one that reached 1 metre.




P4 Super Sonic Spuds – Chitting The Potatoes

P4 were excited to start their ‘Super Sonic Spuds’ Project last Friday. This is organised by the Royal Highland Educational Trust and will take place between now and summer. The pupils are having an opportunity to plant their own crop of potatoes and watch and learn about growing them before we harvest them.

Potatoes for eating and seed potatoes are grown in Scotland and East Lothian is one of the main areas in Scotland that grows them.

We are planting potatoes and will take part in some competitions to see how we get on.

The potatoes are supplied by Denholm Potato Growers of East Lothian and on 6th March James Wyllie from Ruchlaw Produce will visit P4 to help us plant the potatoes. We are planting Rocket Potatoes.

Denholm Potato Growers grow and supply potatoes to farms and garden centres such as Dobbies and other places across the United Kingdom.

Last Friday we chitted the potatoes. This meant we chose the 6 largest potatoes and put them in an egg box at the window. We put them there so they could get light but not next to a heater as we did not want them to be too warm.

Over the next few weeks they should start to ‘chit’ which means sprouts will develop from the potato eyes. Later on we will plant them indoors then outside when the weather is suitable.

As we were supplied with 12 potatoes but can only use 6 for the project we gave the rest of them to the nursery to plant.

We will keep you updated as to how we get on and what we do next.

Mr McEwan