P6 Bikeability – Lesson 1 By- Isla & Jess

In Bikeability P6 have been checking each others’ bikes for damage.  We were checking the wheels,the brakes, the handlebars, the seat and the gears.  We were in pairs and we were checking each others bikes with our partners.  

There were adult helpers called Duncan, Sarah, Richard, and Jenny.

We had sheets of paper and ticked off and crossed the questions.  We went into Miss Collins’s classroom and talked about helmet safety and then we talked about general safety on a bike.  A thing we learned is that you should have 8 reflectors on your bike.

PE with Miss Gordon – by Ruby F

This term we have been doing P.E with Miss Gordon. We have been focussing on netball . We all loved doing it! We also were doing circuits, stations, rapture ball and hot seat. Rapture ball is a game where there is 2 teams and one person has the ball and passes to the other team mate and that person tries  to capture the other teams team mate.

For rapture  ball  is a ball game and  you have to be quick and you have to have good space. 

by Ruby F

P.E With Mrs Jones And Mr McEwan

In P.E we have been learning about fitness with Mrs Jones and Mr McEwan.  We have been focusing on circuits .   In the circuits we have been doing : jumping, skipping and rolling balls.

We have also been doing the daily mile more often.  

We have been learning how to play fun new games e.g. Clear The Garden, Chaos Tig and more.  We have all been having lots of fun.

By Emma and Kayleigh     

Thank You for reading our blog post.

I.C.T Edubuzz Apps – Angus H and Daniel D

In p5/6 we have been learning about Edubuzz apps.  Here are all the Edubuzz apps we have learned:




Hang Out




It has been extra fun!!!

We have our own log in so we can do it at home.

We can share things privately and no one else can see.



S.A.R.Home and School by Emily H

We have been doing ‘Silent Absorbed Reading’ in class this year at home and school.

We pick a book from the school library and read the blurb and then do the five finger test to see if you could read the words underneath your fingers to help us when we choose it.

We also keep a record of what we read.  You write the date and write what we read and a comment.   On a  Friday we hand our records in to the teacher to see how much we have read .

Thank you for reading my post by EH

Blogging By Jack and Oli

In p56 Mr McEwan has been teaching us to blog. Mr McEwan created a blogging sight for us to practise blogging. Blogging for us will be about mainly  writing a summary of what we have been doing for our class blog.  If you want to you can say if you enjoyed it to. To start with I did a blog about 10 ways to annoy my teacher. Now we are doing a blog of what we have been doing in class.

BY Jack and Oli

Report Writing – Rachel W

Report Writing 

In P5/6 we have been learning how to do  report  writing and Blogging. For our report writing we focused on the first sentence to make sure that if it was in a newspaper or blog that someone would want to read it.

These were the headlines for the reports:

  • Daring Dog Saves Dying Master’s Life!
  • UFO Was spotted!
  • Gullane Sports team won the _ league!
  • And we got to make one up ourselves.

by Rachel W

Class Blogging on the new Chromebooks

Today P5/6 were continuing to learn how to create posts for our Class Blog.   They worked in pairs or on their own to write about some of the things we have been doing in class recently.

You can read their posts here and see some photos of them blogging on the new Chromebooks the PTA raised money for below.

Mr McEwan

How We Did Our Stories – By Abbie And Simra The Unicorn Sisters

1]       The first thing we did was plan our stories .

2]       Then , with our Partners  ,  we typed our stories up on the ChromeBooks .

3]       After that , we had to edit them .

4]    After we had edited them , we turned  them into books by creating a title page, and moving the text down .

5]       Then Mr McEwan printed  them and  they are now on display ready to read .

Superhero stories – Writing our stories in pairs -By JESS!!! and FREYA!!

We wrote superhero stories in pairs using both of our superheros as the characters. We planned our stories in our writing jotters and then we wrote them up on the chromebooks.  When we finished our stories and were sure they had correct punctuation we sent them to Mr McEwan , he printed them out and we glued them into our writing jotters.  

BY JESS!!!!!!!! AND FREYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!