I.C.T & What Can My Child Do In Google/EduBuzz Apps?

All children have now been issued with their user names and passwords for their own EduBuzz/Google Apps Accounts.  This allows them to access Internet Based Apps at home and school, and if you already have a Gmail account this will be familiar to you.   The children are, with your permission, allowed to access this at home and it would benefit them if they were allowed to.   We have been looking at Internet Safety, and discussed what they are and are not allowed to do at home.

As well as accessing the Apps in a Web Browser, most Tablet and Phone App Stores have separate Google Apps that can be downloaded to use them.   If your child is using a tablet, phone or computer at home they have been told they must log out if it is a shared device.  If they have their own username or password to protect the device, they can save their passwords)

To date your child has been shown how to use the following apps –

  • Google Drive
  • Docs
  • Slides
  • Sheets
  • Email (been told allowed to email anyone know in Edubuzz, family members they live with, family members or friends not on EduBuzz with parental permission)
  • Google Classroom (Posts etc shared by the children are only seen by the class and myself as this is a private, safe online environment that is not public)


Some of the children have asked if they can use this to message each other.  They have been told they can use it to send text-based message to people they know as long as their parents know they are doing it.

Google Photos

We will be using this app SOON and more info will follow.  Photos or albums shared can be accessed at home but photos should not be downloaded or printed without permission of the parents/children involved).   Your child can upload photos of their own to their Google Photos if you are aware they are doing this.   These photos will not be published publicly on the internet and is just a facility your child can use with their account.


We currently have a class username and password for creating posts for the class blog.   This cannot be used at home or be shared with others and is for school use only.