What Is S.A.R. and What Should My Child Do At Home?

In P5/6, all the children get an opportunity to choose a book each week from the School Library and get opportunities during the week to read it in class.

Unless they have a book from a Reading Scheme, this book should be kept in their blue bag and taken home each night with their Reading Record.

It is your child’s responsibility to –

  • Read at home the number of times asked in the weekly homework (usually at least 3 x 15 mins – twice on their own and once with a parent)
  • Record the date, pages read and if they read at home or school.
  • Add a comment about the plot, characters, what the enjoyed e.t.c.
  • Ask their parent once a week if they can either listen to them read or discuss the book with them.
  • Bring the books and records to school daily and hand in records to be checked on a Friday each week.

It would be helpful if parents could –

  1. Encourage their child to read the number of times they have been asked to
  2. Listen to or discuss the book with the child once a week
  3. Sign when they have heard them read or discussed the book
  4. Encourage the child to keep the book and record in their blue bags

If your child finishes their book at home and have not read the number of times asked, they should read a book from home and note they have done this.