10 Ways To Annoy My Teacher – By Charlie And Sam

1.Always ask to play Top Trumps.

2. Run into school with an axe and chop his head off.

3. Scream in his ear.

4. Take into class a bottle of diet coke and a packet of mentos and make the coke explode!!!!!!

5. Get your bottle of water and keep on flipping it.

6.Drive your dad’s new Lamborghini into school while its going at 200mph.

7. Bring your phone into school and play candy crush continuously.

8.Set off the fire alarm by bringing a flamethrower into school.

9. Bring a McLaren P1 to school and drive over the oldest lady in the school.

10.On a school trip to the national art gallery write on the Mona Lisa CHARLIE AND SAM WERE HERE!.

By Charlie P and Sam J

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