Christmas Show – Jokes, Songs And Best Bits

Our Christmas show was very good. I’m sure everyone will agree.  The P5s and P6s were the choir. It was very amusing and there was many jokes which made the audience laugh. It was a version of Jack and The Beanstalk in which the animals all talk.Since It was a Pantomime there was lots  of jokes and songs

19 out of 22 children asked liked the play which is 86.4% of them. The same amount of people liked the songs. The Hen Crossing The Road Joke by Brewster The Rooster (Alex Smith) was 15 out of the 22 people asked’s favourite joke. Many other people’s favourite joke was the bit where The Strange Old Man’s (Tom Mackay) joke where he was selling Jack (Alfie Auld) the magic beans. He went A YES in a weird but funny voice.

Sam J

Music & Christmas Show Survey

This year the Christmas show was Jack and the Beanstalk . The P5s and 6s were the CHOIR SINGERS , and the p7s were doing the acting 

in  I.C.T  everyone has been doing surveys in their reporting teams . My team members are : Angus H , Simra N ( me ), and Oli S.  We did a survey on the music in the Christmas show . We asked questions like : What was your favourite song is theChristmas show ?   If you were to rate the show how many stars , 1 , 2 , 3 , ?, what was your favourite joke ? just small questions like that . Here are some people’s responses :

For favourite songs there was 1% for Have You Heard The Story , 3% liked Gullible Fool , and 0% liked down on the farm,  but the most popular song with 40% was Off  We Go To Market . There was of course a lot of other songs , but for the the other people who liked the other songs , they just clicked OTHER . 

For the rating about half the class / people surveyed that the LOVED the show and the rest just put something like It was good , it was alright , or kind of disliked it which is OK because people have their own opinions .

For the jokes most people said that Brewter’s Joke was the funniest , and i agree , and everyone else probably said that they liked Tom’s Joke the best.



Concert – outfits and scenery! by Rachel W, Jess R, and Joshua S!

Concert – outfits and scenery

P5,6 and 7 did the Christmas Concert.  It was called Jack and the Beanstalk. The P7s were the actors and P5s and P6s were the two choirs.

We all found out what people like by surveys.   {e.g :

  1. 19 people liked our show, and 2 people disliked it.
  2. One person sort of  liked the songs.
  3. 66.7% liked the bakers as their favourite shop, 19% liked the butchers most and 14.3% liked Aloha as their favourite shop.
  4. Lots of people said that the scenery was AMAZING!!!!!!!!
  5. Off we go to market was the most popular song!
  6. 47.6% liked the old man’s costume the best.
  7. 52.4 % of people sort of liked the songs

We really enjoyed the concert and hope you did too.

By Rachel W, Jess R and Joshua S


Art Survey Results By Emma M, Isla M and Jack A

In school our art teacher is Mr Connell.  Our normal teacher Mr McEwan does give us some art projects to do in class but Mr Connell gives us big projects that we continue on a Friday.  We usually sketch out the drawing and then add colour and shading to our drawings.  Almost all of us love art!

In I.C.T. everyone in the class did a survey based on something that we are currently doing in class or something that we have done.  Isla M, Jack A and Emma M (that’s me) were in a group together and we made up a survey based on Art.  We surveyed the whole class using Google Forms.  Here are the results from our survey:

We all answered that we were working on Festival Of Light as an answer for the question what is your art project right now.

14 people liked art, 3 people didn’t like art and 4 people thought art was okay.

6 people liked abstract art, 5 people put other, 7 people liked pop art and 3 people liked 3d art.

14 people didn’t think art is their favourite subject but 5 people thought that art is their favourite subject. 

38% of people loved the art that Mr Connell gave them, 57% liked it and only one person didn’t really enjoy Art.



Science Survey Results by Tommy T, Ruby F and Abbie H

P5/6 have been making surveys for the class to do.   My reporting team made a science survey  and now we will show you some of the results from our survey. 

Our first proper question was,  Do You Like Science? Our results were.                85% of the people who did this question said they liked science and the other 15% didn’t like it.

Our second question was   What Do You Think Is The Best Thing About Science?   Some of the answers we liked were,  “Exploding Chemicals”  said Sam  and  “Rocket Science”   said Charlie.

Our third question was    What Is Your Favourite Experiment You’ve Ever Done In Class.   We liked the answers  “Using Chemicals”   by Rachel and “Explosions” by Daniel.

Our Fourth question was  Do You Like Doing Science By Your Self At Home?

60% said they like to do their own science at home and the other 30% said they don’t like it.


Dancing in P.E – by Lily, Daniel and Harry

Every year we learn Scottish dances in P.E with Miss Gordon. We then do  the dances at our Christmas party.  This year we wanted to find out if people enjoy dancing so we did a survey for the class using Google Forms.

This is what we found out;   The cheeseburger is the favourite dance, with 10/12 voting for it. Next favourites were Peel the Banana and the Virginia Real with 3 liking each.  More than half the people in the class like dancing.  2 people like dancing with the opposite gender while over 90% didn’t. Almost 58% like Scottish dancing.  23.8% of the people we surveyed dance out of school and 19% used to.   

Rachel said,”My least favourite thing about dancing is the dances go on for SO long!”

Kayleigh said,”My favourite thing about dancing is that we get to learn lods of dances.”



Gullane Primary on Radio

Yesterday the school was broadcast on Forth 1 singing ‘One Bright Star.’

The children sounded wonderful and well done to the pupils who were interviewed and told jokes.

You can listen to the recording here.

P6 Church Service/Assembly by the P6 Reporting team (Freya , Reece, Emily)

All the P6s are doing the church service in Gullane Church on Thursday.  We are practicing loads and we have different parts.  We did a survey for all the P6s about practising, parts and level of excitement.

8 people said they think the carols we sing are all right but two said they don’t like them.  3 people love the script we put together and 7 people think it is fine.  6 people really liked their part, 3  people were happy they got what they got what they wanted.  3 people were very excited for the church service , 3 found it fine , 2 were nervous and 2 people were dreading it.

Please come to our church service at Gullane Parish Church on the 21st December.


Crazy Creation Day

We are looking forward to taking part in this day that P5 are organising tomorrow. Details are in the newsletter and the children have had a whole school presentation about it and questions answered in their classes.

If they are STILL unsure what to wear they can read the post written by the P5 here.