P6 Church Service/Assembly by the P6 Reporting team (Freya , Reece, Emily)

All the P6s are doing the church service in Gullane Church on Thursday.  We are practicing loads and we have different parts.  We did a survey for all the P6s about practising, parts and level of excitement.

8 people said they think the carols we sing are all right but two said they don’t like them.  3 people love the script we put together and 7 people think it is fine.  6 people really liked their part, 3  people were happy they got what they got what they wanted.  3 people were very excited for the church service , 3 found it fine , 2 were nervous and 2 people were dreading it.

Please come to our church service at Gullane Parish Church on the 21st December.