Art Survey Results By Emma M, Isla M and Jack A

In school our art teacher is Mr Connell.  Our normal teacher Mr McEwan does give us some art projects to do in class but Mr Connell gives us big projects that we continue on a Friday.  We usually sketch out the drawing and then add colour and shading to our drawings.  Almost all of us love art!

In I.C.T. everyone in the class did a survey based on something that we are currently doing in class or something that we have done.  Isla M, Jack A and Emma M (that’s me) were in a group together and we made up a survey based on Art.  We surveyed the whole class using Google Forms.  Here are the results from our survey:

We all answered that we were working on Festival Of Light as an answer for the question what is your art project right now.

14 people liked art, 3 people didn’t like art and 4 people thought art was okay.

6 people liked abstract art, 5 people put other, 7 people liked pop art and 3 people liked 3d art.

14 people didn’t think art is their favourite subject but 5 people thought that art is their favourite subject. 

38% of people loved the art that Mr Connell gave them, 57% liked it and only one person didn’t really enjoy Art.