Christmas Show – Jokes, Songs And Best Bits

Our Christmas show was very good. I’m sure everyone will agree.¬† The P5s and P6s were the choir. It was very amusing and there was many jokes which made the audience laugh. It was a version of Jack and The Beanstalk in which the animals all talk.Since It was a Pantomime there was lots¬† of jokes and songs

19 out of 22 children asked liked the play which is 86.4% of them. The same amount of people liked the songs. The Hen Crossing The Road Joke by Brewster The Rooster (Alex Smith) was 15 out of the 22 people asked’s favourite joke. Many other people’s favourite joke was the bit where The Strange Old Man’s (Tom Mackay) joke where he was selling Jack (Alfie Auld) the magic beans. He went A YES in a weird but funny voice.

Sam J