Concert – outfits and scenery! by Rachel W, Jess R, and Joshua S!

Concert – outfits and scenery

P5,6 and 7 did the Christmas Concert.  It was called Jack and the Beanstalk. The P7s were the actors and P5s and P6s were the two choirs.

We all found out what people like by surveys.   {e.g :

  1. 19 people liked our show, and 2 people disliked it.
  2. One person sort of  liked the songs.
  3. 66.7% liked the bakers as their favourite shop, 19% liked the butchers most and 14.3% liked Aloha as their favourite shop.
  4. Lots of people said that the scenery was AMAZING!!!!!!!!
  5. Off we go to market was the most popular song!
  6. 47.6% liked the old man’s costume the best.
  7. 52.4 % of people sort of liked the songs

We really enjoyed the concert and hope you did too.

By Rachel W, Jess R and Joshua S