Dancing in P.E – by Lily, Daniel and Harry

Every year we learn Scottish dances in P.E with Miss Gordon. We then do  the dances at our Christmas party.  This year we wanted to find out if people enjoy dancing so we did a survey for the class using Google Forms.

This is what we found out;   The cheeseburger is the favourite dance, with 10/12 voting for it. Next favourites were Peel the Banana and the Virginia Real with 3 liking each.  More than half the people in the class like dancing.  2 people like dancing with the opposite gender while over 90% didn’t. Almost 58% like Scottish dancing.  23.8% of the people we surveyed dance out of school and 19% used to.   

Rachel said,”My least favourite thing about dancing is the dances go on for SO long!”

Kayleigh said,”My favourite thing about dancing is that we get to learn lods of dances.”