Music & Christmas Show Survey

This year the Christmas show was Jack and the Beanstalk . The P5s and 6s were the CHOIR SINGERS , and the p7s were doing the acting 

in  I.C.T  everyone has been doing surveys in their reporting teams . My team members are : Angus H , Simra N ( me ), and Oli S.  We did a survey on the music in the Christmas show . We asked questions like : What was your favourite song is theChristmas show ?   If you were to rate the show how many stars , 1 , 2 , 3 , ?, what was your favourite joke ? just small questions like that . Here are some people’s responses :

For favourite songs there was 1% for Have You Heard The Story , 3% liked Gullible Fool , and 0% liked down on the farm,  but the most popular song with 40% was Off  We Go To Market . There was of course a lot of other songs , but for the the other people who liked the other songs , they just clicked OTHER . 

For the rating about half the class / people surveyed that the LOVED the show and the rest just put something like It was good , it was alright , or kind of disliked it which is OK because people have their own opinions .

For the jokes most people said that Brewter’s Joke was the funniest , and i agree , and everyone else probably said that they liked Tom’s Joke the best.