Science Survey Results by Tommy T, Ruby F and Abbie H

P5/6 have been making surveys for the class to do.   My reporting team made a science survey  and now we will show you some of the results from our survey. 

Our first proper question was,  Do You Like Science? Our results were.                85% of the people who did this question said they liked science and the other 15% didn’t like it.

Our second question was   What Do You Think Is The Best Thing About Science?   Some of the answers we liked were,  “Exploding Chemicals”  said Sam  and  “Rocket Science”   said Charlie.

Our third question was    What Is Your Favourite Experiment You’ve Ever Done In Class.   We liked the answers  “Using Chemicals”   by Rachel and “Explosions” by Daniel.

Our Fourth question was  Do You Like Doing Science By Your Self At Home?

60% said they like to do their own science at home and the other 30% said they don’t like it.