P6 Carousels

P6 made mini fair rides(carousels) using electrical circuits.  They made the top bit of the ride and the seats using things like paper plates, cups, pipe cleaners and paper.

Then they made an electrical circuit with batteries, crocodile clips and a motor.  They taped the two things together and now they have rides which go round and round and round and round and round.

On the rides were lego mini figures, Christmas characters or just boxes.

The fair rides were very detailed and cool!

Iona’s favourite part was seeing it working.

Jude said it was fun.

Josh enjoyed it.

Murron liked all the Christmas features.

By the P6 Reporting Team
Freya, Reece and Emily

P4 Science – Written By P5/6 Reporters

A while ago P4 were learning about science . The first thing they did was they went outside with a big bottle of fizzy juice ( diet coke  ) then they got a breath mint and dropped it in .

Then the coke exploded!  This happened because the ingredients in the breath mint  and coke did not mix , so instead they caused an explosion .

Everyone really enjoyed the explosion.  

No one thought the mentos would dissolve in the coke but they noticed they did.

Jessica didn’t expect the explosion to go as high as 1 metre and a bit more from the mentos being put in the coke and Millie thought the same thing.

It looked like they all had a lot of fun!!

By Simra, Angus & Oli
Reporters from P5/6




P4 Music With O-Duo – By 5/6 Reporters

Preparing for the School Show.

A while ago P4 were being taught by O – Duo ( two drummers )  and they worked on making different sounds to different  beats  to make a show for the school .

They learned different patterns and  were given signals to do different things with the drums . They had words to go with the rhythm and to keep in time. The teachers and pupils who saw the performance really enjoyed it.

Brunton Hall

When they went to the Brunton Hall they all enjoyed themselves . Harriot enjoyed beating the drums . Kirstin enjoyed playing =the calves . Liam enjoyed playing the cow bells. Rory enjoyed playing the shakers .  Millie thought it was fun and enjoyable.  Jessica liked playing the drums with her friends.

Everyone said it was very loud and noisy but very fun.

They were with other schools from East lothian at the Brunton Hall.

Written by Simra and Angus
Photos by Oli and Angus


Optional Homework Tasks in Google Classroom

I hope you have all been safe during the last few days when school has been closed.

Parents might not be aware that there are some ‘optional’ tasks for P5/6 pupils that have been posted in Google Classroom.

Pupils just need to log in to see them.

Take care!

Mr McEwan