The Victorians By Charlie and Kayleigh

Our class have been learning about The Victorians and Queen Victoria.  We have been doing some comprehensions.  We have also done Victorian research and Victorian fact sheet.   At the start we  did posters that had questions that we wanted to know on it and most of them are answered.  In May we are going to a Victorian house/museum and we are going to do Victorian drama.  We have also done a Victorian timeline here are some facts from it

in 1819 Queen Victoria was born .

in 1851 a man called Jacob Fussell invented ice cream.

In 1872 was the first fa cup final.

1868 The last public hanging.

1876 The telephone was invented by Alexander Bell.

1841 The great western railway was finished.

We also learned about Victorian schools and what happened in them.

Here are some things that  have learned

There are about 60 children in a class.                        Now we are only allowed 33.

Girls were cooks , servants

We are enjoying this Topic.

By Charlie & Kayliegh