P1 Easter activities By Emma, Isla and Jack

The P1 reporting team ( Emma, Isla and Jack) went down to the Infant area to help out with some fun Easter activities before the Easter Holidays.  This included an Easter egg hunt, easter baking with Mrs Elderfield and making Easter baskets.

We helped the P1 teacher, Mrs Cooper hide all of the plastic eggs around the little playground and the sand hill there were 48 eggs altogether.  All the P1 children were having lots and lots of fun collecting the Easter eggs in their baskets with their friends, they found all of the eggs super quickly.

The next part of the activities was Easter baking. They went in groups with Mrs Elderfield to make Easter rocky roads, hot cross buns and Easter biscuits in the P1 kitchen.  Two P1 pupils  came out to explain what they did to make these. They said that they mashed the chocolate to make the rocky roads and the mixture was very gooey and they couldn’t wait to eat it.

There was one more Easter activity which was making Easter baskets.  These Easter baskets were all different colours and were filled with blue crinkly confetti once the baskets were finished they put chocolate goodies and their Easter baking from earlier inside them to take home. Everyone said it was super fun.

We had a great time visiting the P1s and they had a lot of fun!

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