P6s Go Back In Time At Hoptoun House

P6s went to Hopetoun house to learn about the Victorians

At Hopetoun house, they were being servants, they wrote with quills and they made butter.

They ironed clothes with an old iron, they polished shoes and all of them wore hats. Boys wore top hats and jackets and the girls wore aprons and bonnets.  If you got something wrong they blamed it on the scullery maid or the butler!

They said it was old and big.  Sara’s favourite part was seeing the big bedroom.  Ellen’s favourite part was making butter. Cameron said it was nice.

If you look at the photos you will see they had a lot of fun!

By Emily H, Freya E & Reece M

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  1. It certainly was a great day out and we learned lots. I am not sure I enjoyed being told off all the time though!

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