Art, Music & Charades in P5/6 This Year – By Lily W


In art this year we have been doing Victorian portraits and will be finishing them off over the next few weeks with Mr Connell. We had a choice between drawing a man with a top hat or a woman wearing a flower hat (I chose the woman.)


In music this year we worked on some Scottish songs.  We did the songs;

Caledonia, Skyscraper wean,  Johnnie Cope, Braes o’killie krankie

We also learned the ukulele. We have learned 3 chords C, F, G, because  we will be singing This Is Me and playing it on the ukulele, using those 3 chords sometime!


P5/6/7 have been doing a musical, with Charades the Theatre Company, called The Mould That Changed The World. P5s are the bacteria, P6s are the doctors and scientists and P7s are the soldiers (Charades are doing the other parts.)We are performing it at the Theatre Day Royal Museum Edinburgh on the 13th of June and before we do it  are recording some of our songs and to put it on the radio.

By Lily W