Euroquiz – by Sam and Freya

On the 20th of March was the Euroquiz and Gullane competed. Us, Christian and Jude were the competitors for the team.  We all had to do lots and lots of practising at school and home.

We went to Preston Lodge High school for the East Lothian Heat. The quizmaster was Mrs Tremmel, our headteacher. The other schools were Dunbar, Loretto, Pinkie, Musselburgh, Saltoun, Macmerry, Prestonpans and Gullane. The 1st round was geography. The 2nd round was language. The 3rd round was basically politics. After the 3rd round there was a break and we got sweets. We were tied with Loretto at that point! The 4th round was general knowledge. After the 4th round we were  ahead of Loretto by one point but we had to go into a final with them .By the 5th round only the top 2 teams remained, us and Loretto!!!! We drew the 5th round. Then we drew the tiebreaker. It was super tense. Then it went to sudden death. Then Loretto got an answer wrong so we won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That means we get to go to the Scottish Parliament’s Debating Chamber for the final.

We went to the Scottish Parliament to go to the Euroquiz final.  There were three rounds, Geography, Language and understanding europe.  It was a lot of fun and some of the questions were quite hard. We came 3rd out of the 31 schools (470 overall) who made it to the final we got bronze medals and pencil cases and we also got our goody bag.  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂

The winners were St  Mary Duntocher and Strathblane were 2nd.

We enjoyed taking part and the main things we enjoyed were being away from school for something different and coming 3rd.






P6 Bodysystems Workshop & P5/6 Posters- By Emma and Isla Photos by Jack

When we were doing about the body our class made some posters about body systems. We all got into five groups and made posters about a part of the body of our choice. The subjects chosen were the tongue, the heart, the brain and the nervous system.

Here are a few facts from them-

  • The average length of the human tongue from the back to the tip is 10 cm (4 inches).
  • A nerve is a fibre that send impulses through the body.
  • 100,000 miles of blood vessels are in your brain.
  • Did you know your heart beats about 80 times a minute?
  • The tongue is a muscular structure attached to the floor of the mouth.
  • Nerve cells work by a mixture of chemical and of electrical action .
  • Your brain is split up into two sides, the creative side and the logical side.
  • The heart is made up of 4 chambers , the left atrium, the left ventrical, the right ventrical and the right atrium.

We made five posters and we had lots of fun making them.

One afternoon all the P6s got together for a Science workshop on Body systems.  At the  workshop we learnt lots more about the human body like things about bones and veins.

In the workshop we pretended that we were in a doctors surgery and this boy called Timothy kept on getting hurt.  It was really funny and he would come in with things like  broken bones and muddled organs and we learnt what doctors would do to help them.  At one point we learned how big the large intestine was and  we held a fake large intestine and put a carrot in and wrigged it to the end.

It was a fun way to learn!

Thank you for reading our blogpost.

P6s Go Back In Time At Hoptoun House

P6s went to Hopetoun house to learn about the Victorians

At Hopetoun house, they were being servants, they wrote with quills and they made butter.

They ironed clothes with an old iron, they polished shoes and all of them wore hats. Boys wore top hats and jackets and the girls wore aprons and bonnets.  If you got something wrong they blamed it on the scullery maid or the butler!

They said it was old and big.  Sara’s favourite part was seeing the big bedroom.  Ellen’s favourite part was making butter. Cameron said it was nice.

If you look at the photos you will see they had a lot of fun!

By Emily H, Freya E & Reece M

P1 Easter activities By Emma, Isla and Jack

The P1 reporting team ( Emma, Isla and Jack) went down to the Infant area to help out with some fun Easter activities before the Easter Holidays.  This included an Easter egg hunt, easter baking with Mrs Elderfield and making Easter baskets.

We helped the P1 teacher, Mrs Cooper hide all of the plastic eggs around the little playground and the sand hill there were 48 eggs altogether.  All the P1 children were having lots and lots of fun collecting the Easter eggs in their baskets with their friends, they found all of the eggs super quickly.

The next part of the activities was Easter baking. They went in groups with Mrs Elderfield to make Easter rocky roads, hot cross buns and Easter biscuits in the P1 kitchen.  Two P1 pupils  came out to explain what they did to make these. They said that they mashed the chocolate to make the rocky roads and the mixture was very gooey and they couldn’t wait to eat it.

There was one more Easter activity which was making Easter baskets.  These Easter baskets were all different colours and were filled with blue crinkly confetti once the baskets were finished they put chocolate goodies and their Easter baking from earlier inside them to take home. Everyone said it was super fun.

We had a great time visiting the P1s and they had a lot of fun!

P2/3 Easter Timeline & Other Activities – by Tommy T, Ruby F and Abbie H

At Easter P2/3 were doing an Easter timeline and we went down to report on it. They were put into groups and set to do a task of putting the story together. It was all about Jesus and what he told people.

M’kyah said he is working hard and likes to help his team!

They were also making paper. Harris told us how they made it and he said that they recycled old paper and turned it into new. It was very clever! It was called reduce,reuse and recycle.`

Mrs Jones also showed us some of their models made out of plastic. Harris and Effie made a castle! It was very life like!

Reporters – Tommy & Ruby
Photos – Abbie H

Learning in Nursery! by Rachel.W Josh.S Jess.R

We went to the nursery recently to find out some things that they like to do!!

Emily likes to play in the house corner. Rory likes to make arty things. Reece likes to use the water tray. Ava enjoys going down the slide outside. Iona likes to play in the gym hall. Louise loved learning about halloween. Layla likes to play mums and dads and loves the toy dinosaurs!!! ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!

What have they learned???

They have also been planting daffodils.  They learned how to play the shapes board game.

Reece knows that people roll eggs down the hill because of Jesus. They also told us the planets they know:

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Earth and Venus. They still are learning the rest.

All of the pupils love nursery and we will be finding out lots more later!!!

by Rachel .W      Jessica. R     Josh. S



P6 Carousels

P6 made mini fair rides(carousels) using electrical circuits.  They made the top bit of the ride and the seats using things like paper plates, cups, pipe cleaners and paper.

Then they made an electrical circuit with batteries, crocodile clips and a motor.  They taped the two things together and now they have rides which go round and round and round and round and round.

On the rides were lego mini figures, Christmas characters or just boxes.

The fair rides were very detailed and cool!

Iona’s favourite part was seeing it working.

Jude said it was fun.

Josh enjoyed it.

Murron liked all the Christmas features.

By the P6 Reporting Team
Freya, Reece and Emily

P4 Science – Written By P5/6 Reporters

A while ago P4 were learning about science . The first thing they did was they went outside with a big bottle of fizzy juice ( diet coke  ) then they got a breath mint and dropped it in .

Then the coke exploded!  This happened because the ingredients in the breath mint  and coke did not mix , so instead they caused an explosion .

Everyone really enjoyed the explosion.  

No one thought the mentos would dissolve in the coke but they noticed they did.

Jessica didn’t expect the explosion to go as high as 1 metre and a bit more from the mentos being put in the coke and Millie thought the same thing.

It looked like they all had a lot of fun!!

By Simra, Angus & Oli
Reporters from P5/6




P4 Music With O-Duo – By 5/6 Reporters

Preparing for the School Show.

A while ago P4 were being taught by O – Duo ( two drummers )  and they worked on making different sounds to different  beats  to make a show for the school .

They learned different patterns and  were given signals to do different things with the drums . They had words to go with the rhythm and to keep in time. The teachers and pupils who saw the performance really enjoyed it.

Brunton Hall

When they went to the Brunton Hall they all enjoyed themselves . Harriot enjoyed beating the drums . Kirstin enjoyed playing =the calves . Liam enjoyed playing the cow bells. Rory enjoyed playing the shakers .  Millie thought it was fun and enjoyable.  Jessica liked playing the drums with her friends.

Everyone said it was very loud and noisy but very fun.

They were with other schools from East lothian at the Brunton Hall.

Written by Simra and Angus
Photos by Oli and Angus