The Cross Country Running Competition – by Daniel L

A while ago there was a running competition called The Cross Country.   It was held at Meadow mill and there were a lot of other schools there.

Daniel, Charlie, Tom, Scott, Fraser, took part in the big school boys race.  Tom won the category of boys from a larger school.

We all enjoyed taking part.

By Daniel


Get On Your Bike!

Advance notice – Bikeability for all P5s will be starting on Wednesdays from the 9th of May. You might want to start checking now if you have a roadworthy bike.

More information to follow …

Sporting Success

We sent two teams consisting of P6 and P7 pupils to the recent ELPSSA hockey tournament at Meadowmill, where a great day was had by all. One of our teams made it to the final, where a defeat to Kings Meadow Primary resulted in second place, but a qualification to the Regional Finals at Peffermill in the summer term.

Our other team came in third place on the day, and qualifies for the SHU National Hockey Day to be held in Glasgow in June. What a superb achievement for both our teams.

The team members were: Freya L, Imogen C, Morven C, Amy C, Iona S, Megan F, Ellis M, Anna D, Isla M, Emily C, Freya E, Lily W, and Olivia T.

P6 Bikeability – Lesson 1 By- Isla & Jess

In Bikeability P6 have been checking each others’ bikes for damage.  We were checking the wheels,the brakes, the handlebars, the seat and the gears.  We were in pairs and we were checking each others bikes with our partners.  

There were adult helpers called Duncan, Sarah, Richard, and Jenny.

We had sheets of paper and ticked off and crossed the questions.  We went into Miss Collins’s classroom and talked about helmet safety and then we talked about general safety on a bike.  A thing we learned is that you should have 8 reflectors on your bike.

P6 Hockey Festival – Tuesday 31st October

P6 pupils have been issued with a letter today inviting them to a Hockey Festival to take place in North Berwick High School on Tuesday 31st October in the morning.

Letters should be returned with the £5 to cover transport costs by Monday 30th at the latest.

There will be a taster session for all the P6s on Wednesday 25th October in the afternoon.

Mr McEwan

P6 Bikeability – Wednesdays from 11th October

As we have parents who kindly volunteered to become trainers, we are now able to offer Bikeability lessons again this year.

As the P6s did not have any sessions last year, we are arranging sessions for them first and hope to run P5 trainings later on in the school year.

P6 parents should have received a letter informing them that our first P6 session will be on Wednesday 11th October from 9.15 to 10 am.   Pupils bringing their bikes to school should bring a helmet and clothing suitable to wear outside for that day’s weather.

The slip should be returned as soon as possible and includes information about lending and borrowing bikes.

Mr McEwan