Help Required For Summer Fair

Saturday’s getting closer and the weather forecast’s looking great for the summer fair. We will have burgers and Pimm’s and baking and bouncy castles and games and face painting and all sorts of fun for all the family. 

However, we are still a bit short of volunteers. If you could offer an hour and a half (11-12.30 or 12.30-2) to help on one of our stalls, we would be very grateful (especially if you’re a face painter!!). Get in touch by DM on Facebook or at 

Thanks! PTA

Charades Theatre Company

P5, 6&7 are working with the above company on a world premiere of a musical which highlights the work of Alexander Fleming.

There is no cost for the families as such and the company is working on raising the funds to pay for the hire of the museum for the evening performance. The charge is high but we can’t find a way round it so they came up with this possible solution. As a result, Robin Hiley (head of the company) has made a short video using our classes to place a campaign on a crowd funding website.

I would like to underline that we are not expecting our families to donate to this but you may know people who would feel they could.

One of our school ‘friends’, Mr Roy McGregor, has already gifted us the funds for one of our coaches which is so generous. Edinburgh Art College has made the costumes for the event so they should look fantastic.

Please return your slips so that we can get the additional tickets out to families. There is no need to reply as we are dealing with this side- the slip is basically your reply and you get the ticket to ‘book’ your place.

The link is:

Mrs Tremmel
May Newsletter Item

Music & Christmas Show Survey

This year the Christmas show was Jack and the Beanstalk . The P5s and 6s were the CHOIR SINGERS , and the p7s were doing the acting 

in  I.C.T  everyone has been doing surveys in their reporting teams . My team members are : Angus H , Simra N ( me ), and Oli S.  We did a survey on the music in the Christmas show . We asked questions like : What was your favourite song is theChristmas show ?   If you were to rate the show how many stars , 1 , 2 , 3 , ?, what was your favourite joke ? just small questions like that . Here are some people’s responses :

For favourite songs there was 1% for Have You Heard The Story , 3% liked Gullible Fool , and 0% liked down on the farm,  but the most popular song with 40% was Off  We Go To Market . There was of course a lot of other songs , but for the the other people who liked the other songs , they just clicked OTHER . 

For the rating about half the class / people surveyed that the LOVED the show and the rest just put something like It was good , it was alright , or kind of disliked it which is OK because people have their own opinions .

For the jokes most people said that Brewter’s Joke was the funniest , and i agree , and everyone else probably said that they liked Tom’s Joke the best.



Crazy Creation Day

We are looking forward to taking part in this day that P5 are organising tomorrow. Details are in the newsletter and the children have had a whole school presentation about it and questions answered in their classes.

If they are STILL unsure what to wear they can read the post written by the P5 here.

Welcome To Our Blog

Welcome to P5/6’s Class Blog.   We will be posting about things we do in class and hope to have photos and videos too.

Today we are starting to learn in ICT how to Blog.   We are doing this so we can post things to the class blog.

Later on we will be becoming reporters for other classes in the school.

Before we can do this we need to learn how to blog, take photos and write reports and interview people.

Parents should sign up for email updates at the right hand side of the blog.

Mr McEwan