The Body Systems – P5/6 – by Simra & Angus

In P5/6 we learned about the Body Systems.   Here are the different ones we studied:

1)  circulatory system – The circulatory system helps the heart to pump blood around the body.

2)  digestive system – The digestive system all together is 30 feet long .

3)  skeletal system –  The body has around 206 bones.

4)  respiratory system – The respiratory system is mainly about your lungs and helps you to breathe.

5) nervous system –  The nervous system is about your 2 different pulses. 

We enjoyed learning about them and also made some posters in groups.

Angus & Simra


Art, Music & Charades in P5/6 This Year – By Lily W


In art this year we have been doing Victorian portraits and will be finishing them off over the next few weeks with Mr Connell. We had a choice between drawing a man with a top hat or a woman wearing a flower hat (I chose the woman.)


In music this year we worked on some Scottish songs.  We did the songs;

Caledonia, Skyscraper wean,  Johnnie Cope, Braes o’killie krankie

We also learned the ukulele. We have learned 3 chords C, F, G, because  we will be singing This Is Me and playing it on the ukulele, using those 3 chords sometime!


P5/6/7 have been doing a musical, with Charades the Theatre Company, called The Mould That Changed The World. P5s are the bacteria, P6s are the doctors and scientists and P7s are the soldiers (Charades are doing the other parts.)We are performing it at the Theatre Day Royal Museum Edinburgh on the 13th of June and before we do it  are recording some of our songs and to put it on the radio.

By Lily W


P6 Bodysystems Workshop & P5/6 Posters- By Emma and Isla Photos by Jack

When we were doing about the body our class made some posters about body systems. We all got into five groups and made posters about a part of the body of our choice. The subjects chosen were the tongue, the heart, the brain and the nervous system.

Here are a few facts from them-

  • The average length of the human tongue from the back to the tip is 10 cm (4 inches).
  • A nerve is a fibre that send impulses through the body.
  • 100,000 miles of blood vessels are in your brain.
  • Did you know your heart beats about 80 times a minute?
  • The tongue is a muscular structure attached to the floor of the mouth.
  • Nerve cells work by a mixture of chemical and of electrical action .
  • Your brain is split up into two sides, the creative side and the logical side.
  • The heart is made up of 4 chambers , the left atrium, the left ventrical, the right ventrical and the right atrium.

We made five posters and we had lots of fun making them.

One afternoon all the P6s got together for a Science workshop on Body systems.  At the  workshop we learnt lots more about the human body like things about bones and veins.

In the workshop we pretended that we were in a doctors surgery and this boy called Timothy kept on getting hurt.  It was really funny and he would come in with things like  broken bones and muddled organs and we learnt what doctors would do to help them.  At one point we learned how big the large intestine was and  we held a fake large intestine and put a carrot in and wrigged it to the end.

It was a fun way to learn!

Thank you for reading our blogpost.

The Victorians By Charlie and Kayleigh

Our class have been learning about The Victorians and Queen Victoria.  We have been doing some comprehensions.  We have also done Victorian research and Victorian fact sheet.   At the start we  did posters that had questions that we wanted to know on it and most of them are answered.  In May we are going to a Victorian house/museum and we are going to do Victorian drama.  We have also done a Victorian timeline here are some facts from it

in 1819 Queen Victoria was born .

in 1851 a man called Jacob Fussell invented ice cream.

In 1872 was the first fa cup final.

1868 The last public hanging.

1876 The telephone was invented by Alexander Bell.

1841 The great western railway was finished.

We also learned about Victorian schools and what happened in them.

Here are some things that  have learned

There are about 60 children in a class.                        Now we are only allowed 33.

Girls were cooks , servants

We are enjoying this Topic.

By Charlie & Kayliegh




Starting The mould that changed the world – By Harry & Jack

At 9.00 we went into the hall to practice for the show. First Robin ask for some volunteers to work as some soldiers  some scientist and some bacteria. the p7 were the soldiers p6 were the scientist and p5s were the bacteria.

Every week we practice a song with Mr McEwan while the p6s are away doing French.   We sometimes split so that the P5s work with Mrs Gordon’s class and the P6s with the other P6s.

Our favorite song is you all fall down.

By Jack & Harry

Christmas Show – Jokes, Songs And Best Bits

Our Christmas show was very good. I’m sure everyone will agree.  The P5s and P6s were the choir. It was very amusing and there was many jokes which made the audience laugh. It was a version of Jack and The Beanstalk in which the animals all talk.Since It was a Pantomime there was lots  of jokes and songs

19 out of 22 children asked liked the play which is 86.4% of them. The same amount of people liked the songs. The Hen Crossing The Road Joke by Brewster The Rooster (Alex Smith) was 15 out of the 22 people asked’s favourite joke. Many other people’s favourite joke was the bit where The Strange Old Man’s (Tom Mackay) joke where he was selling Jack (Alfie Auld) the magic beans. He went A YES in a weird but funny voice.

Sam J

Music & Christmas Show Survey

This year the Christmas show was Jack and the Beanstalk . The P5s and 6s were the CHOIR SINGERS , and the p7s were doing the acting 

in  I.C.T  everyone has been doing surveys in their reporting teams . My team members are : Angus H , Simra N ( me ), and Oli S.  We did a survey on the music in the Christmas show . We asked questions like : What was your favourite song is theChristmas show ?   If you were to rate the show how many stars , 1 , 2 , 3 , ?, what was your favourite joke ? just small questions like that . Here are some people’s responses :

For favourite songs there was 1% for Have You Heard The Story , 3% liked Gullible Fool , and 0% liked down on the farm,  but the most popular song with 40% was Off  We Go To Market . There was of course a lot of other songs , but for the the other people who liked the other songs , they just clicked OTHER . 

For the rating about half the class / people surveyed that the LOVED the show and the rest just put something like It was good , it was alright , or kind of disliked it which is OK because people have their own opinions .

For the jokes most people said that Brewter’s Joke was the funniest , and i agree , and everyone else probably said that they liked Tom’s Joke the best.



Concert – outfits and scenery! by Rachel W, Jess R, and Joshua S!

Concert – outfits and scenery

P5,6 and 7 did the Christmas Concert.  It was called Jack and the Beanstalk. The P7s were the actors and P5s and P6s were the two choirs.

We all found out what people like by surveys.   {e.g :

  1. 19 people liked our show, and 2 people disliked it.
  2. One person sort of  liked the songs.
  3. 66.7% liked the bakers as their favourite shop, 19% liked the butchers most and 14.3% liked Aloha as their favourite shop.
  4. Lots of people said that the scenery was AMAZING!!!!!!!!
  5. Off we go to market was the most popular song!
  6. 47.6% liked the old man’s costume the best.
  7. 52.4 % of people sort of liked the songs

We really enjoyed the concert and hope you did too.

By Rachel W, Jess R and Joshua S


Art Survey Results By Emma M, Isla M and Jack A

In school our art teacher is Mr Connell.  Our normal teacher Mr McEwan does give us some art projects to do in class but Mr Connell gives us big projects that we continue on a Friday.  We usually sketch out the drawing and then add colour and shading to our drawings.  Almost all of us love art!

In I.C.T. everyone in the class did a survey based on something that we are currently doing in class or something that we have done.  Isla M, Jack A and Emma M (that’s me) were in a group together and we made up a survey based on Art.  We surveyed the whole class using Google Forms.  Here are the results from our survey:

We all answered that we were working on Festival Of Light as an answer for the question what is your art project right now.

14 people liked art, 3 people didn’t like art and 4 people thought art was okay.

6 people liked abstract art, 5 people put other, 7 people liked pop art and 3 people liked 3d art.

14 people didn’t think art is their favourite subject but 5 people thought that art is their favourite subject. 

38% of people loved the art that Mr Connell gave them, 57% liked it and only one person didn’t really enjoy Art.