Health & Wellbeing

An email has been sent to all P2/3 parents with information about the things we are covering this week and possibly next in our ‘Privacy & Our Bodies Are Private’ Topic.

It is giving you information to know how you can support your child at home.

If you do not appear to have received this or other school emails, please check your spam mailbox and contact the school if you do not find them.


Mr McEwan

The Recycling Heroes Save Gullane!

Today No-Junk-Josh, Recycling Rachel, Anti-Litter-Anna and Reducing George came into Gullane primary school and were shocked to see children messing up the playground, park, astro, going home from home and the beach.

Then the Recycling Rangers took the naughty kids to the recycling classroom. We told them to research about recycling. Elsa & Erika told us about what litter is. Tom and Aylee told us about decomposing.

Fergus & Charlie told us what we can put in the blue box and Ethan and Zoe told us about the green box. Mille, Emily, Kyle & Mylo told us about the green bin. Lily and Drew told us about the food caddy. The two Rory and Rory told us about the brown bin. Rory T and Alex told us about the compost box and Teya and Elsa about the compost bag.

Millie and Emily told us how they made a wormery and Mylo and Kyle told us a story about the Messy Magpie. Rory N and Zoe told us about what happened when they interviewed the janitor Mr Paton. Erika and Tom told us about the trip they went on. We learnt about the three Rs. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. At the end we sang a song.

I think they learned lots. And were delighted by all the parents and family who came to see them.

By Recycling Rachel, No-Junk -Josh, Reducing Georgie and Anti-Litter-Anna

P.S. Obviously this was our Assembly so we didnt really mess up Gullane! But we did learn how to recycle.

Homework For Week Ending 10th May & Recycling Centre Visit

As it is a short week, there will be no homework apart from Reading. Pupils can also play SumDog or Mathletics, and they can also practise their Rainbow Common Words if they wish.

Pupils have been reminded to bring a jacket for their educational excursion Tomorrow, and they will have their snack before they go and lunch when they return.

Diary Dates

Here are the dates of some up and coming events –

Friday 26th April – Luffness Bake Sale
Monday 6th May – Holiday
Wednesday 8th May – Visit to Kinwegar Recycling Centre
Monday 20th May – Inservice Day
Thursday 30th May – P2/3 Assembly

A letter re the Educational Excursion went out with the pupil post. There is no cost involved as Waste Management Services have kindly arranged and paid for the bus.

We require some Parental Helpers. Please indicate on the slip if you can help.

Our Assembly Date has been changed from 16th of May to give us time to plan reporting back on our Recycling Visit and other things we have learned.

Mr McEwan

Drop in and Class Blog

P2/3 have been busy this week writing posts for their new Class Blog to show their parents at the drop in this morning.

You can register for email updates when new posts are added.

Thanks very much for all the parents and grandparents who came to our drop in this morning. We really appreciated you joining us and hope you enjoyed it.

We hope you enjoy the blog too and the web address is

Opinions on Books & Scots Poems

P2/3 have been learning to give our opinions.  We said things we liked and didn’t like.

We were doing our opinions about Scots poems and books.  Rachel liked the Road Dahl book Matilda.  Anna’s favourite poem is A Dug A Dug.   My opinion was that I enjoyed Marissa the Science Fairy illustrations because I like fairy books.

By Erica and Kyle


With Mrs MacIver the plants we planted were tomato & cress & sunflower &  magic beans.

We have to water them every day  and  look after them . Some of them are starting to grow  🍅🍅🌱🌱🌻🌻🌻🌻. Some of them are  big & some of them are  small.

They were fun to grow🐔🐤🌼🌼.  They need water & sun to  grow 💧💧🌞🌞.

We are noticing  them growing   every  day.  When they have grown we might eat them.     

We are having lots of fun with this and also doing about food chains.     

By Anna and Millie                                                       

Choosing & Secret student

In P2/3 if we finish our work we sometimes get to choose and the group that gets the most points each week gets to choose too. There are lots of options. We also do secret student which Mr McEwan picks in the morning and if they are:

focussed, working quietly & doing their best they get 3 house points, a certificate to take home and they get to choose the next day. These are some of the choices there are in choosing

Blocks Lego Wooden Village Board showing puppets (which are fish).

By Elsa and Mylo