Where Do I Find My Child’s Homework?

As the children (and parents!) are becoming a lot more confident in using Google Classroom, I am going to now post any weekly homework there for you to see.

The easiest way is for the children to log in and click on Classwork at the top.  They can then click on the Homework Topic at the side to see what they have to do.

Any extra work given/Google Classroom assignments will be posted there as well and can usually be seen in the ‘Upcoming’ section on the Classroom Homepage.  I will also post any ‘major’ tasks on the Blog  if parents wish me to.

As we often use Google Classroom for classwork, any assignments to be done at home will be marked as homework and also mentioned in the Homework section under homework.

Spelling words to be done will always be written in homework jotters, and reading recorded in reading records.

It is helpful if parents sign/initial when they have heard reading in the record.

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