Homework to the February Break and Class Poster/Talk

The Following information has been posted to Google Classroom about Information re Homework to the February Break.

A. My Back Up Team Sheet

My Back Up Team T-Shirt Task – Worksheet to be completed and handed in by Monday 20th January. This was  issued on Tuesday 14th January.

B. Spelling

We will not be doing a new spelling sound each week but a different homophone e.g. to, too or two. A weekly spelling task will be given and posted in Google Classroom each week from Monday 20th January (None this week as t-shirt task).

Rainbow Spelling can be done when you have time to do it. Please tick when you know the words.

C. My Family Tree

Children have to make a family tree using one of the suggested methods and submit it by Friday 31st January at the latest. This is so it can be used for a Class Talk the following week.

Full instructions and suggestions are posted under ‘Classwork’ – ‘Homework & Notes for the Week’ in Google Classroom.

Weekly Homework

At relevant class information and notes for that week’s homework e.g. spelling tasks will usually be posted to Google Classroom on a Monday.


Mr McEwan

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