Additional Information To Support Parents in Google Classroom

I originally set up this blog to provide info to parents when the children were not yet confident to log in to Google Classroom at home.

As they now can, Google Classroom is our main way of sharing info with home and school, communicating important information.

My suggestion would be that parents at least log in with their child to read the Homework and Notes for the current week.

You can find out how to log in here.

As I am aware that many parents want more information on what their child is doing in school, and some would like more tasks/challenging tasks to do at home, I have spent time adding to Google Classroom to assist with this.

The following sections are now found under the Classwork Tab when your child logs in –

  • P3 Newsletter Items/What We Are Learning
  • Using Google Classroom
  • Homework & Notes for the Week – I would check this one weekly
  • Suggestions for Other Tasks at Home
  • Spelling
  • Class Blog
  • Internet Safety/Using IT Equipment
  • Maths/Numeracy
  • Social Studies
  • Being Resilient
  • Writing Tasks

I hope these are helpful to support your child and know what they are doing at school.

I love seeing that many children are enjoying tasks posted for them to do in Google Classroom at home.

It excited me this week that 2 children who were off managed to complete and submit tasks online.   I was able to ask them both how they were, assist one who was unsure how to submit a Spelling Task, and support the second one with logging into his Mathletics Account.

That is what your children are able to do these days with you/our support!

(Or support us to do it correctly!)

Mr McEwan

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