Additional Information To Support Parents in Google Classroom

I originally set up this blog to provide info to parents when the children were not yet confident to log in to Google Classroom at home.

As they now can, Google Classroom is our main way of sharing info with home and school, communicating important information.

My suggestion would be that parents at least log in with their child to read the Homework and Notes for the current week.

You can find out how to log in here.

As I am aware that many parents want more information on what their child is doing in school, and some would like more tasks/challenging tasks to do at home, I have spent time adding to Google Classroom to assist with this.

The following sections are now found under the Classwork Tab when your child logs in –

  • P3 Newsletter Items/What We Are Learning
  • Using Google Classroom
  • Homework & Notes for the Week – I would check this one weekly
  • Suggestions for Other Tasks at Home
  • Spelling
  • Class Blog
  • Internet Safety/Using IT Equipment
  • Maths/Numeracy
  • Social Studies
  • Being Resilient
  • Writing Tasks

I hope these are helpful to support your child and know what they are doing at school.

I love seeing that many children are enjoying tasks posted for them to do in Google Classroom at home.

It excited me this week that 2 children who were off managed to complete and submit tasks online.   I was able to ask them both how they were, assist one who was unsure how to submit a Spelling Task, and support the second one with logging into his Mathletics Account.

That is what your children are able to do these days with you/our support!

(Or support us to do it correctly!)

Mr McEwan

Homework to the February Break and Class Poster/Talk

The Following information has been posted to Google Classroom about Information re Homework to the February Break.

A. My Back Up Team Sheet

My Back Up Team T-Shirt Task – Worksheet to be completed and handed in by Monday 20th January. This was  issued on Tuesday 14th January.

B. Spelling

We will not be doing a new spelling sound each week but a different homophone e.g. to, too or two. A weekly spelling task will be given and posted in Google Classroom each week from Monday 20th January (None this week as t-shirt task).

Rainbow Spelling can be done when you have time to do it. Please tick when you know the words.

C. My Family Tree

Children have to make a family tree using one of the suggested methods and submit it by Friday 31st January at the latest. This is so it can be used for a Class Talk the following week.

Full instructions and suggestions are posted under ‘Classwork’ – ‘Homework & Notes for the Week’ in Google Classroom.

Weekly Homework

At relevant class information and notes for that week’s homework e.g. spelling tasks will usually be posted to Google Classroom on a Monday.


Mr McEwan

Where Do I Find My Child’s Homework?

As the children (and parents!) are becoming a lot more confident in using Google Classroom, I am going to now post any weekly homework there for you to see.

The easiest way is for the children to log in and click on Classwork at the top.  They can then click on the Homework Topic at the side to see what they have to do.

Any extra work given/Google Classroom assignments will be posted there as well and can usually be seen in the ‘Upcoming’ section on the Classroom Homepage.  I will also post any ‘major’ tasks on the Blog  if parents wish me to.

As we often use Google Classroom for classwork, any assignments to be done at home will be marked as homework and also mentioned in the Homework section under homework.

Spelling words to be done will always be written in homework jotters, and reading recorded in reading records.

It is helpful if parents sign/initial when they have heard reading in the record.

P3 Homework w/c Mon 18th November

1. Resilience posters due today. We will be doing talks on them during the week (telling the class about poster). If your child has not done a poster please can they do one in Google Classroom or on paper as soon as possible? I have seen some great work so far. A feedback from will be shared with your child online this week. Thanks.

2. Victorian Research Task for Mon 25th November on Famous Victorians – see Google Classroom.

3. Reading Days. Antelopes and Brown Bears will now have reading heard on a Mon Tues Thu. On a Tues they will be given ‘double reading’ for the Thu which they can do over one or 2 nights. On a Wednesday they will do Reading Skills with me. Everyone else will have reading for Mon Tues Wed Thu.

4. Weekly spelling as usual – at least one task recorded in jotter.

5. I am trying to post homework in Google Classroom and on the blog so any extra tasks will usually be there.

Spelling Tasks for Confident Spellers

Each week pupils should be able to do at least one spelling task with their sounds of the week, and they can do tasks on their Rainbow Spelling when they have time.

If they feel confident with the words they have to learn, remember your child can do some of the tasks we do in class instead.  For example, they could find other words with the sound, or other words that rhyme and say the sound another way. Or they can think of other ways to make that sound.

They could write their own sentences or sort the words into types of words such as nouns or adjectives.

I have posted a document showing the  tools we use in class in Google Classroom under ‘ Classwork’ – ‘Spelling.’

P3 Homework – Health & Social Studies Tasks for the next few weeks

Please check Google Classroom for a Resilience Poster and Victorians tasks for a week on Monday and the following Monday.    These should be done as well as the weekly spelling sounds and reading.

You may wish to leave the Rainbow Spelling words for a few weeks.   (We need to catch up in class with dictations anyway).

I will post these and update the suggested Spelling tasks for people who are confident with their words by tonight.

Mr McEwan

Google Classroom Task

Your child has been asked to see if they can log into Google Classroom at home, and given a simple task to do and read with their parent/s when you all have time.

When he/she has manged to log into Google Classroom, the task that they have to do should be showing in the Google Classroom ‘stream.’

A reminder of how to do their username should be at the back of their reading record, as well as the formula to remind them of their password if they have forgotten it!

The blog post here should explain what to do if you or your child needs support.

Good luck!

Mr McEwan


Safe Use of the Internet and ELC Equipment

As we prepared for using G-Suite/Google Apps at home, we discussed the safe use of the Internet and how to use council devices and equipment in class today.

As well as the Dos and Don’ts we created as a class yesterday,  we discussed the undernoted document in class today.

It would be really helpful if you had time to read over the document and discuss them with your child.


Mr McEwan


ELC Internet Safety

P3 Homework to the October Week

Expected Weekly Homework 

  1. Reading

Reading will usually be heard on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in class.   Reading to be prepared at home is written in the Reading Record, then some of that is heard and discussed in class. It is helpful if parents sign or initial the reading record when reading is heard.

  1. Weekly Sounds

The words for the sound of the week will be written in homework jotters on a Monday.  Minimum expectation would be to do at least one spelling task to practise the words/pattern.  You could do Look Say Cover Write Check or any of the tasks on the Spelling Activity Grid.  If you are confident, your task could be a mixture of the weekly sound and your Rainbow words.  If it is a task that cannot be written down e.g. making words with pasta, the child or their parent should note in the jotter what task they did or a photo of the task could be emailed to school.

Homework jotters will be looked at on a Friday or Monday so please have jotters in class on a Friday.

Ongoing/When Time.  

 The following tasks might be done weekly, or when you and your child have time to do them.

1) Rainbow Common Words

These should be practised at home as often as you can.  Please see the lists and instructions in the Rainbow Common Words bag.  Any words practised or tasks done can be written in the homework jotters.   The idea is to be confident spelling all the words before being given a dictation task.   Confident Spellers might finish a list quickly, other children might just focus on a column or a few words a week.   Please tick words that can be spelt.  Rainbow Common Words should be kept in your Blue Bags.

If your child finishes a list, it might be a few weeks before they are given the dictation to see if they are ready for the next one as dictations are usually done when a few children are ready.

  1. Online Maths Games

Every child should have a Mathletics log in, and it would be helpful if you could support your child to log in and play at home.  This can be played on a computer, or is tablet friendly on most devices.  The log in is at the back of the Reading Record, and the children also use this in class.  I am continually assessing the children’s numeracy skills in class and will allocate tasks I believe are for their ability from time to time.

Other games that could be helpful at home will be posted in Google Classroom and on the Class Blog.

I hope this makes sense but please contact me if you require any assistance.

Mr McEwan


Rainbow Spelling Words Instructions

This year in P3 the children will all be working through Rainbow Spelling Common Words lists at home and school.

What To Do At Home

The idea is that the children work on these lists independently until they are confident spelling the words on the lists. When they are, they will be given a dictation in school to see if they are can spell them and are ready to move onto the next list.

Each week the children should practise all the words with an adult by writing them, doing Look Say Cover Write Check or any other activities they wish. There are ideas on your Spelling Activity Grid. The words should be ticked when they are confident spelling it. When they can spell the whole list the child should tell their teacher they are ready for their dictation.

Important Notes –

1) The children should work through the words at their own pace. Confident spellers may do a whole list over a week or two, while those who find spelling more challenging may just focus on a column a week and do the words every night. Parents can decide with the child how many they can do.

2) Dictations may not be given immediately when a child is ready as they are usually carried out with a few children at once or it may mean many children are ready for a variety of dictations.

****Please note that the main thing at the moment is for the children to get into the routine of doing some spelling tasks at home and school. The children who are very confident will be able to work quickly through these lists****