Rainbow Spelling Words Instructions

This year in P3 the children will all be working through Rainbow Spelling Common Words lists at home and school.

What To Do At Home

The idea is that the children work on these lists independently until they are confident spelling the words on the lists. When they are, they will be given a dictation in school to see if they are can spell them and are ready to move onto the next list.

Each week the children should practise all the words with an adult by writing them, doing Look Say Cover Write Check or any other activities they wish. There are ideas on your Spelling Activity Grid. The words should be ticked when they are confident spelling it. When they can spell the whole list the child should tell their teacher they are ready for their dictation.

Important Notes –

1) The children should work through the words at their own pace. Confident spellers may do a whole list over a week or two, while those who find spelling more challenging may just focus on a column a week and do the words every night. Parents can decide with the child how many they can do.

2) Dictations may not be given immediately when a child is ready as they are usually carried out with a few children at once or it may mean many children are ready for a variety of dictations.

****Please note that the main thing at the moment is for the children to get into the routine of doing some spelling tasks at home and school. The children who are very confident will be able to work quickly through these lists****