Table Tennis Taster

P3 had great fun with a taster from the local table tennis today. Junior Sessions run from 6-6.45 pm on Wednesdays in the Village Hall. The next one is on Wednesday 2nd of October and you can find more information here.

Here are some photos of them having their taster.

I Wish I Was A Mountain Drama

P3 and P3/4 recently had an exciting time when Shonagh Davidson our Drama Specialist came to visit.

The theme was ‘I Wish I Was A Mountain’ and  the children explored a story about what happened when people did not look after the area they lived in.

The children enjoyed the mime and other drama experiences together and you can see the fun they had in the Slideshow below.

Mr McEwan
P3 Teacher


Questions About Uniform, PE Kit or Anything Else?

Any questions you have about school are often answered in our School Handbook, available on the main blog and I have put it on our Blog and here.

Can I remind you about a couple of things?

  • Gym shoes should be worn in the hall, and Trainers kept in school for outdoor PE.   School shoes are not ideal outside and can be slippy to run in.  It is preferred that school shoes are worn to and from school rather than trainers.
  • Please can ALL belongings be named.   It is amazing all the lost items that have turned up unnamed in the Infant and P3 area already!
  • Please can you initial/sign reading records when you have heard reading?
  • Thanks for supporting your child to do their Rainbow Spelling words this week.   I am impressed by all the Spelling carried out.  Remember written tasks can be done in homework jotters.  If your child does another activity like pasta words can you not in their jotters the activity done?Thanks

    Mr McEwan

Google Classroom and G-Suite Apps

As you are probably aware, your child logs into the Chromebooks at school with his or her own G-Suite/Google Account and this lets them access a suite of tools and  apps which they can potentially use at home on their own/family computers, tablets etc.

At the moment, the main thing the children are doing is making sure they are confident logging in with their user name and own password.

We have also started using Google Classroom, which they enjoyed.

Please note that as the children need to be confident in using these tools at school first, and had discussions on safe use at home, they should not access their account at home at the moment.

I will let you know when and what they can use at home, and provide you with more information.

In the meantime, you can find some information below –

Google Classroom | Parent Information

Rainbow Spelling Words Instructions

This year in P3 the children will all be working through Rainbow Spelling Common Words lists at home and school.

What To Do At Home

The idea is that the children work on these lists independently until they are confident spelling the words on the lists. When they are, they will be given a dictation in school to see if they are can spell them and are ready to move onto the next list.

Each week the children should practise all the words with an adult by writing them, doing Look Say Cover Write Check or any other activities they wish. There are ideas on your Spelling Activity Grid. The words should be ticked when they are confident spelling it. When they can spell the whole list the child should tell their teacher they are ready for their dictation.

Important Notes –

1) The children should work through the words at their own pace. Confident spellers may do a whole list over a week or two, while those who find spelling more challenging may just focus on a column a week and do the words every night. Parents can decide with the child how many they can do.

2) Dictations may not be given immediately when a child is ready as they are usually carried out with a few children at once or it may mean many children are ready for a variety of dictations.

****Please note that the main thing at the moment is for the children to get into the routine of doing some spelling tasks at home and school. The children who are very confident will be able to work quickly through these lists****

Homework for September

The following homework was sent home for the next few weeks –

The children have been issued with homework jotters today, and it would be helpful if these could be covered in wrapping paper or something similar to protect them.

If you need them, I can supply name labels for the front.

Staff are currently reviewing the Home Learning Policy, so rather than issuing new homework each week homework for the next 4 weeks will be as follows –

1. Reading will usually be heard on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in class. Reading to be prepared at home is written in the Reading Record, then some of that is heard and discussed in class.

2. At the moment we are revising spelling sounds in class, and spelling on weekly sounds will start and be issued as homework from the last week in September.   The children are also working on Rainbow Spelling Common Words in class, and these should be practised at home weekly as often as required. Please see the lists and instructions in their Rainbow Common Words bag.  Any words practised or tasks done can be written in the homework jotters.

3.  Every child should have a Mathletics log in, and it would be helpful if you could support your child to log in and play at home.  This can be played on a computer, or is tablet friendly on most devices. The log in is at the back of the Reading Record, and the children also  use this in class. At the moment we are getting used to this online resource, so if initial work seems easy the programme will adjust it through time.  I continually assess the children’s numeracy skills in class and will allocate tasks I believe are for their ability from time to time. 

The children have been told that it is up to their parent/s how often they play Mathletics.   Obviously the more they play the more confident they will be logging in and with the skills practised.  I also monitor how they are getting on with the tasks completed. Please advise me of any problems logging in, or if your child does not have internet access on a tablet or laptop at home.  

4. It will be helpful if the Rainbow Spelling Words can be kept in your child’s blue bag, as we use the lists in class and I will also check progress from time to time.   Any written tasks practised in the homework jotter can be handed in on a Friday and will be returned by the Monday morning.

Future Homework

Later on when the children have been taught how to use Google Classroom homework tasks and other things can be posted for access at home.  Until then, I will start to post homework information and other helpful information on the class website soon. Please could you sign up for email updates at if you have not already done so?   Thanks!  

I hope you find this information useful and please do not hesitate to contact me for any assistance.   

Mr McEwan